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Can You Please Update The Software For The Newest Mac Version? I Really Like The Software But The Latest Mac Updates Prevent The Software From Being Opened Cause It's Out-Dated And Needs To be Updated. Thank You!

Thanks And Git Gud (Sorry)

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Wow, Not Many People Have That. Thanks For Playing And Enjoying!

Thanks! I Used A New 16x16 Sprite Size, Which I'm Glad You Liked!

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Thanks! I really love a hard challenge which is why the game was a tiny bit hard... The Misunderstood Instructions Were My Fault, The Red "Hot-Sauce" Will Kill You If You Stay In It For Too Long. If You Can Touch It And Get Out Really Fast You Will Turn Red And Will Be A little Slippery And If You Were To Touch It Again While Being Red, You Would Die Immediately. Anyways, Thank You For Playing The Game!

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Yeah, The Text At The Start Was hard to read even for me, but that's cause i made all the intros in aseprite which means i had to cram all the text into 100x50 Canvas I Used. If I Were To Re-make this game, i would make the cutscenes in engine.

But Thanks For Playing And Enjoying The Game!

Wow, These Planets Look Awesome! If I Wasn't Trying TO Save On Money, I Would Donate Fast! Also, This Is The Perfect For The Type Of Game I'm Currently Making. Mind If I Use These?

Give Them This Link:

You must somehow find a way to get two people to work on the same project and then when summiting list the people who worked with you

im not good at this

red pandas are my favorite animal

this seems cool


Thanks, I'll be using this. If that's ok...

Ok, that makes sense. Thank you!

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How do you play online? Like, is it automatic, like if as soon as I start playing, am I on the online server, or am I doing everything wrong, or i'm dumb.

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You need to use wasd and spacebar.

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Cool, Also I Love Crash's Model 

it was a joke, sorry though

Is This Still In Devolpment?

Wish There Was A Jump, Though.

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I'm Going To Use This For A Game. Nice Little Dinos. Very Cute.

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He's Done A Video About It On His YouTube Channel: Vimlark


i dot

Don't be rude, idot

haven't played it yet

this looks GOOD!

spelling error

did you read the description?                                                                                    "a recreation of 1-1"                                                                                                         also, i'm pretty sure it was done in a certain time limit and an end date