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Oh my... This game is amazing and so beautifully written - and the feels!!!! Right in the heart (made me cry openly at work oops). Thank you for this wonderful experience :'') <3

Scout is an amazing game!! I love your writing so much, and Ezra, and Oli, and everyone!!! I'm sooo eagerly waiting for next update, can't wait to read/play more of it. You're amazing!!

Just played the demo, i like it alot! Can't wait for the finished game, whenever that will be. Keep up the good work! :) 

Oh my god, I just played through part one of Xenopathy and i don't know how I'll survive without the rest :P It's just sooo good and soo exciting! Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the game!! (but your health comes first imo and i hope you'll get well soon) <3.

Just played the demo and it's amaaaaazing!! Can't wait for the finished game, gonna be sooo much fun. Amazingly great job!!