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I bought this game after is has been released, started to play but I couldn't solve the sequence in 20 seconds, so after updated, where you wrote that now it's 60 seconds, I decided to give it second try. But it's still only 20 seconds!

Really cool game!

Awesome game! I've just spent more than hour playing it and still have fun :) 

Anybody knows if the game will run from Pi1541?

Any estimation about release date? :) Can't wait to play it :D

TheC64/mini compatible?

Unfortunatelly the game is crashing very often on my c64mini..

Thank you! I will buy it then :) 

Is it compatible with TheC64(mini)?

Great game, I play it on ZX Spectrum Vega. You should make Android version. I would buy it on my mobile :)

OK, I managed to convert it by myself :) Nice game BTW :)

Is there any chance for .tap version, so that it could be launched on ZX Spectrum Vega?

Will do! Thanks a lot :)

I just completed the game. It took me almost 5 hours. If I was more attentive I would finish it faster  :) It's awsome in every single aspect! 

After Legend of Atlantis and Shadow over the Hawksmill, it's another marvelous production. Don't stop and bring us next beatiful games :) I personally can't wait!

Rename the filename. See my reply one comment below.

You need to add _AD to the filename, so the filename be like sidea_game_AD.d64. It worked on my C64 mini

I think I could manage with virtual keyboard in this case, but thanks for the info :)

Going to make a purchase :) Cheers!

Is this game compatible with C64 mini?

I have tried and it still doesn't work. There is only "PROBOOT" and blinking diskette icon in the right botton corner..

It is a pity that the game does not work on C64 mini :(