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hi, please send me a message in my discord. thank you!

hi, this is just an outdated line in the license. there's no need to contact me anymore. feel free to use them in personal/commercial projects. Cheers!

yay! :)

hi :D yes, will make some cooking/kitchen items pack soon.

Hi, glad you like them :) thanks for downloading and supporting the pack. please feel free to do so. and goodluck with your devving. Cheers!

hi, yes this is AAP-64 palette.

thanks much for the support!

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very nice idea :D you may use them in any way you want for your game. have fun!

thank you! I will be sure to make more :D

Thanks much for the support! glad you like them. Cheers!

Thank you so much for the support! It really helps me continue working on more. I'm very happy to hear you love the packs, please stay tuned for the lineup of new packs this month. Cheers!

Hi, this means so much to me! thanks so much for the support. it motivates me to continue working. I'm so glad you like my work too and your works are really amazing. I'm looking forward seeing more of your stuff. Cheers!

thanks for the continuous support! I'm really glad you like the stuff I share. I'll be sure to make more things. Cheers!

hi, thank you! I used AAP-64 palette.

looking good, I like the battle mode. thanks for using my packs. Cheers to your game! would love to be part of it :D

Thank you for downloading! please enjoy!

you're welcome! thank you for downloading this pack :D

thank you for the comment, and I'm glad you like them! sure thing. I will be working on them and releasing their own packs. Cheers!

i always hit the first vine and I'm laughing so much. cheered me up.