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Atelier Pixerelia

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Hi Aldino! thank you for making this mod. and thanks for the support in my packs. I love Stardew Valley, I play it everyday. Cheers!

hi, good day, friend! I am very glad you like the packs. I love modding pixel games too. thanks for all the support!

hi good day, apparently paypal is having problems for some purchases. you may try getting the same packs here: thank you!

hi good day, apparently paypal is having problems for some purchases. you may try getting the same packs here:

hi there friend! I'm really glad you like it. I love the CRT/scan lines on games too, takes us back to the old days. also, still a long way to go but the journey is definitely fun.  big thanks for trying this simple game. Cheers to us!

hi friend!  glad you like my little game. and btw, I really like the style/aesthetic of your game! very nice art and setting :) I say we should work together sometime, Cheers!

hi friend! thanks for playing this little game. means so much to me.  and about the mushrooms, i just made a second color to have variety for the eyes :) Cheers! have a good one!

thanks much for playing!

thanks much for playing! I'm glad you liked it overall. I hope i can continue this some more, someday. Have a good one!

thank you for playing! about the click and drag yes it was changed into that because before the players said it's a bit tiring to be clicking individually after a while :) also, i'm glad you liked it! I appreciate it much. have a good day and Good Luck!

thanks for letting me know, but actually hit animations only have 3 frames, so you can just remove the 4th one. I will update it nonetheless. thanks for your support! cheers!

hi thanks! im glad you like them. I am going to release tilesets this year. stay tuned!

hi, it is AAP-64 :)

solo dev on this game jam project. I was thinking about 8 hours a day, for 10 days. i joined on day 2. started on code and art together in the first days, then balancing, then more code and art. then final days (around 2 days) made the music. It was really fun!

first time doing game jam. i was seeing game jams before but they are 2 or 3 days. since having busy on other stuff, wasn't able to join any. this 2 week schedule is nice, I enjoyed a lot in the process until finish. gave me confidence to do the same from now on.

Hi there, friend! thanks for playing the game. thanks for your feedback. the potion properties have been rescaled, apple-green potions are no longer too inferior to the golden one, same as the green compared to the apple-green. and gold potions are now more rewarding. :) no longer needs to click the bottle cap too, added hotkey for the potion making. Cheers!

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hi friend! thanks for playing the game. and thanks for your feedback too. I updated it and changed the camera movement to AWSD keys. also just made it mouse hold than clicking individually. :) about the difficulty, I am still doing balances on it (because it was originally planned to have more items and craftable stuff to help). thanks for the support! btw, I really like your game! very thrilled to see more. Cheers!

hi! go ahead. lemme know. please enjoy.

hi! thanks for the support. I do have plans on making larger packs that includes them in the coming year. Cheers!

hi good day! thank you. and yes, they are +50 more characters on top of that. also they have walk, hit, attack and defeat animations each :3

thank you for the support! this is so fun to play.

hey, thanks for sharing! the game is so lovely. i love cats. goodluck on the game :3

sorry I forgot, I am now adding some screens. will add more, thank you!

thank you for your support! I will do my best and do more packs you can use in the future.

Amazing! looking forward to more content on your game. it's looking nice! thanks for supporting my packs!

Amazing! thank you for supporting the pack. your game is really fun to play! Cheers!

Brilliant! i enjoyed playing the game! thanks for the support on my packs too. 

hi, please send me a message in my discord. thank you!

hi, this is just an outdated line in the license. there's no need to contact me anymore. feel free to use them in personal/commercial projects. Cheers!

yay! :)

hi :D yes, will make some cooking/kitchen items pack soon.

Hi, glad you like them :) thanks for downloading and supporting the pack. please feel free to do so. and goodluck with your devving. Cheers!

hi, yes this is AAP-64 palette.

thanks much for the support!

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very nice idea :D you may use them in any way you want for your game. have fun!

thank you! I will be sure to make more :D

Thanks much for the support! glad you like them. Cheers!

Thank you so much for the support! It really helps me continue working on more. I'm very happy to hear you love the packs, please stay tuned for the lineup of new packs this month. Cheers!

Hi, this means so much to me! thanks so much for the support. it motivates me to continue working. I'm so glad you like my work too and your works are really amazing. I'm looking forward seeing more of your stuff. Cheers!

thanks for the continuous support! I'm really glad you like the stuff I share. I'll be sure to make more things. Cheers!