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Hey skerys! Thank you very much for your extensive  feedback. Our latest build has already fixed a lot of balancing issues.  The game is indeed full of randomness but we want to add way more dice with their own (more stronger) effects and together with the balancing that leads to more control in the players hand, even though it is random. We are still really happy with what we achieved in the 48 hours period. :)

Thank you so much! The build we uploaded needed way more balancing indeed. Whish we had the time. We are going to keep working on it and the balancing is already a lot better in the current build. :)

Thank you!

Thank you!

Our first 'official' game jam project. 

Relight. You've got one torch and one way out. Relight all the bonfires to open the door.

We'd love to receive your feedback. Thank you!

Hi there, thank you very much for playing and for mentioning this bug. We are aware of this, and some other bugs but unfortunately didn't have the time left to address them. Thanks!

Thank you for playing and for your feedback!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing!

The pathing is indeed really off. We actually made a couple of floor tiles where you could see some stones to help guide you. But unfortunately ran out of time to implement. Thank you for playing and the feedback! 

Hahaha indeed. It sure was an inspiration ;)

Thank you for playing!

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Thank you for playing! The pathing and progression is indeed a thing that we wanted to make better.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for the feedback! We'll be sure to keep the controls in mind for next time.

Thank you!

Oops, apparently the viewport  settings weren't configured correctly. Should be working now. Thank you!