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thanks Zug!

Yeah i'm aware of all those problems. I think I rushed getting a playable release out. 

I plan on tearing it down and building the map up before I drop any of the objects. I'll then make sure the collisions are working correctly and the spawn is right. Currently it's random but I may try and make them appear from specific areas rather than anywhere they like!

Glad you enjoyed it and I plan on adding much more to this.

thanks for the feedback!

I never noticed the blood issue so i'll look into that as that's definitely a bug!

The axe was also planned to chop trees but as I haven't got that far I chose it for melee. I should have really put a knife in or something a bit better.

Glad you enjoyed playing it though and I plan to improve on this and make this a much bigger game in time.

I'm still learning dev so it's a long road. Thanks again.

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!

Looking forward to giving the demo a test. This looks awesome.