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Pixel Shock

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Thank you!

Hey, thanks very much. Glad you are enjoying the game, best of luck running it.

Yeh was great fun and saw a lot of interesting subs. Thanks all.

Really liked  this concept Extar, well done.

Ninjoe pulled a fast one ... so we've released a bugfix @ v1.2.1

Ninjoe has escaped our clutches and landed on

Can you escape the Dragon's Lair? Will you help the Dragon? Do you even want to ...?

In this update we see numerous fixes and gameplay improvements.

A quick summary of some of the changes

- Fleshed out the story
- Redesigned levels
- 2 additional levels
- Refined the enemy placement
- Reviewed the coin/life count
- Refined the boss battles
- Multiplayer improvements
- Multiple endings

We took advantage of the extended jam deadline to take another look at the game and would like to thank everyone for their feedback in the comments, particularly we'd like to thank @extarcube for the feedback in their Ninjoe v1.1 Pico Playtime video.

If you haven't watched it yet, its an enjoyable video talking about the jam and the game

Ninjoe v1.2 is now available on the jam submission page and Lexaloffle BBS through splore.

We hope you enjoy it,

Pixel Shock (incl. Cubee Games)


You need to add more controllers to the system then press the jump button to add the additional players.

Thanks for getting in touch.

Hey thanks for letting us know and sorry about the difficulties we have identified this as a bug and have uploaded a new version of the game.

hey thanks, glad you are enjoying the game

Try firing upwards :)

Thanks Chubo, appreciate the feedback

Thank you!

Thank you. That sprite seemed like a good option for landscapes.

This cracked me up, absolutely hilarious ... and the long arms ... heh. Great job.


Hey thanks Elia.

Hi Alexisrambles, thank you for the feedback. We really enjoyed watching your playthrough video.

Thanks Yellowbyte Studios, really appreciate the feedback.

Hi Zokerino, Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the feedback

We have uploaded version 1.1 of the exports, please re-download or re-test as required. Hope you enjoy the title.

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Hi soxinthebox, thanks for letting us know. We are currently investigating a fix for the issue with the exported versions. This should be released shortly. We have disabled the downloads in the meantime. Please play the p8 version which does not exhibit this issue.

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Hi @trickey445 we have released the p8's with 1.1 update, hope you enjoy the game.

I'll see what we can do about that for a future update.

Hey thanks Anaconda77, we are really glad you enjoyed this game.