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As hard as I tried I could not get rid of some random freeze bugs. This is why I am doing a full rewrite from scratch. It will be worth the wait. 

Thank you for your feedback. I will investigate this bug.

Just bough Slipways Classic which has been on my wishlist for a while. Stand with Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Added a contribution too by the way.

The ratio of input to output resolution with this panel is 2.5. While this does not allow flawless scaling the resulting pattern is very regular: 1 original px is mapped to 2, then to 3px, then to 2 and so on. I come from a gpicase with a 320x240 panel where this pattern is totally irregular because of the ratio 1.875.

Yes, you can still see it, mainly in some lines of text, but barely. And I prefer the sharpness of this approach to the blurriness of bilinear filtering.

There is a best of both worlds though, you do an integer upscale, then a bilinear downscale. E.g. I set my pi0s internal resolution to 1024x768. If you have high enough dpi like we have in todays smartphones the issue tends to go away.

I did a check with a stopwatch. It does run about 50 % faster. 

@Krystman See my review of the RG280V as the most pico PICO-8 handheld yet. Because of it's higher resolution there a practically no scaling issues.

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I think I can almost replicate the error. It seems to only appear when I have the cart saved locally by favoriting or saving it and not running directly from splore. I open the first door and walk left to the machines and then back. Then this message pops up.

This game is a PICO-8 showcase!

I just donated, please do one more fix so it no longer crashes in version 0.2.1B. Since zep promised the API is now stable that hopefully means no more updates necessary.

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Finally received my RG280V and tac08 looks great on it! 😀

Feature suggestions: Would it be possible to enable an option to swap A and B? Also if L1 and R1 could double as A and B one could play racing games or FEZ more comfortably (also swappable)

Bug report: 1. when loading API.P8 (part of a default install) the flipped recolored bunny sprites don't show up. 

2. In the lower right corner the vertical text does not show up (the text on the left and on the right side uses two variants of looping through a list that LUA provides, apparently only one works.

3. There is a Poke 0x5f2c command to change the internal pico-resolution to 64x64, for example in cart Nyan cat. That does not work. See cart #14897.

4. Super Poulet Poulet and it's soundtrack run about 10 to 20 % too fast. (On the Pi 0 they run too slow)

Here are two images, one bilinear upscaled from 128x128 to 320x320:

Tthe other is integer-upscaled to 768x768 and then bilinearly downscaled to 320x320.

It looks pretty sharp already. On the 2.8 inch screen of the RG280V it will look even sharper because of the high DPI. You could do this approach for other platforms as well.

Because of the non-square pixels of the RG280V the image would need to be scaled up to 360x320 to look perfectly square. To increase the sharpness it would be best to do an integer 6x upscale to 768x768 and then do a bilinear downscale. I noticed a big increase in sharpness while doing something similar for the GPIcase's screen.

The recently released RG280V would be a perfect fit for PICO-8 because of it's tiny form factor. As it's the same chip as in the RG280M it should run fine however the 280V has a different screen resolution: 480*320 with a 4:3 aspect ratio (non-square pixels). Would Tac08 look correctly on this device?