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As others here mentioned: I also can't hit enemies close to the right side of the screen. Tried fullscreen and windowed mode.

I agree with all your points!

Looks brain melting! Gonna give it a try soon!

Looks nice and plays great!

Nice music, fast responsive gameplay! I like it!

Hey JK_Tech, I'm sorry to disappoint you but the engine I used for this (Raycasting Game Maker) only exists as Windows version, so I see no chance of releasing a linux version. Maybe I'll use another engine for future games. Have a great day and thanks for your interest!

Played it with my GF, we really enjoyed it. Good Co-Op title, very cute, easy to pick up and play!



Oh wow! Thanks a lot 5mg for covering it on your channel! I often stumbled upon your videos here on itch when looking for bizarre/horror games. They were pretty helpful for getting a quick first look.

Another RPG Maker gem I can enjoy now. I also played Devil in the Mirror thanks to you!

Haha, true!

Glad you liked it! I can't express how happy I'm to watch someone else play it :)

Great music and art design! I like it!

Thank you so much, this info already helps a lot.

Thank you so much Poldi! I feel honoured. Sadly I'm to bad at this game :D

Great to hear! Keep it up, I played it on stream and people really liked it!

A way to change fire from y to z for european keyboard users would be nice.

Wow...looks great.

Dear dev, when starting the game a debug window with several errors opens in the background (just to let you now). The game itself is playable, I'm gonna check it out on stream soon.


For a RGM game the control is pretty tight.
Do you mind sharing your game settings for controls?

walkforward speed

walkbackward speed

moveleft, moveright speed

turn left, turn right speed

look up, look down speed

mouse sensitivity

I (and other people) would be grateful.

Oh my god...that looks so freakin good!
Maybe it's time to configure my Wiimote on my PC again ;)

Pretty original for a RGM game! Great work!

Yeah, I noticed it too. I don't know if there's a way to fix this other than to build your level mirrored.

They did my friend! It's already out!

Love it so far!

Great game until I was reborn at a clone with unlimited health. At this point the challenge was gone. Or did I miss something?

A good classic platformer! I finished it in about 2,5 hours and had a lot of fun with it.

Pretty good!

Its impressive what you guys can do in so little time!

Great game just like part 1, with some new elements! Loved the ending too!

Part one was excellent. Can't wait for part two!



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Good game, but the switch puzzles get too hard for me when your snake has grown over several rooms. Other people on my stream really liked it. For me it could have been more arcady and less puzzle focused, but that's just my personal taste.

A very unique and unsettling experience. Great presentation! Graphics looked kinda real to me (if it makes any sense for this theme).

Relaxing first person platformer. I love it!

This one was very good. Maybe one of the best games of any jam I played. Great atmosphere and the story really catched me.

Great game, rather long for a game jam submission. Design, gameplay etc. are spot on. Not too puzzle heavy (which is a good thing to me). Thumbs up!