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Take the time you need and thanks for your work.


It wasn't easy but I finally beat it!

Great funny little game!!

Exactly mate!

If you're into strange games (PS1 style or not): Play it!

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This was fantastic! 
Great controls, VERY good atmosphere and use of camera angles!

Only complaint:

The scenes between Arthur and Sarah could be a bit shorter for me (lots of text with hardly any camera movement). I first thought "eh" in the boat scene and was blown away when arriving at the coast, seeing all the details, lights etc. But that may just be me.

Great work as always!

I have the PRO version so I can't check myself: Maybe the message is only displayed there when testing directly in EFPSE. It is in the PRO version.

Oh wow, glad you enjoyed it!

Great update!

Thanks a lot for making this video!

Great style and idea!

Black blood would be awesome, but I played it again (on my small stream) and didn't dislike the red blood anymore. A nice game with fun dialogues.

Just a quick question: Can this be played online with friends?

Thanks so much DummBoo! Glad you like it!

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The game itself is made with Easy FPS Editor PRO:

Lots of textures were made with Texture Cauldron:

Both tools are fantastic :)

Glad it comes in handy :)

Looks awesome, but hey, it's Toree after all! Thanks a lot!

Fun game with awesome NES music!

Unique and challenging game!

The sprites, textures and the overall presentation is fantastic, lots of work must have went into this. Gameplay is quite interesting too.

Only the camera effect could be a little less intense for me, but that's just my taste. 5 stars!

You could try installing this first:
It worked for another user.

Thank you :)

I'm glad you like it!

Nice! Glad to hear it confused you ;) Thanks for the video!

Great to hear! Have fun my friend!

I hope you like it!

And I love your comment! Thanks a lot :)

Haha, great! Thanks for the video!

Just came back to say thank you Sørb. I used this tool for most of the textures in my new game SUPER SUPER FUN WORLD!

Thank you!

You got it queen!

Awesome! Thanks so much for your support!

Hey Ragnar, thanks for your comment (and help with scripting overall) Glad you like it!

Maybe I'm doing some levels with more "organic" feel in future games with the use of different modifiers.

You just made my day! Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it :D

Wow, thats awesome! Thanks for covering my game!

Thanks a lot my friend!

Great stuff! Cant wait to try it out!

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My first game made with EFPSE Pro is out!


Genre: Weird exploration/adventure game

You're sh*tting this games out faster than poop killer throws a turd! Funny game, I just was to stupid to mix the drinks at first :D

That could work. Thanks a ton for your answer!