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Well, THAT was a pretty good review :)
But to be honest, I don’t think that this game deserves three stars.
When I started I had so many things in mind … so many features I wanted to add to this game – and in the end time was my biggest problem. So instead of adding all these different behaviors for the bosses and more enemies and items, I had to fight audio problems (which is actually the reason why you hear nothing most of the time).
I also planned to tell much more story using some cartoony sequences. This was also the reason why I had chosen this kind of music – because it should match these sequences.
The repetitiveness might be the biggest problem. All The maps are procedurally generated each time you start the game, so it is different each time, but there is not enough variation (because the generator is a prototype, too).
So in the end I think that this game is part of the list of my not so good game jam entries. Next time I will do better ;)

Well, it didn’t run slow on the machines I tested it on … but now that you mention it – it could be, that I uploaded a debug built (would not be the first time).

On the other hand it could also be a graphics issue. The game might look simple but internally it uses a bigger graphics context for smoother graphics. This could slow down your machine in case you are using a low end graphics chipset (I don’t know if this is the case).

Thank you for your comment! Yes, there is still so much to improve. I also planned to add so much more stuff – but time was limited ^^

Sorry, I checked this again – the (windows) application is 32 bit, not 64 bit. So it should theoretically run on your system. But I don’t know why it doesn’t run on your PC. I will let you know as soon as I have a solution or an idea that could help you.

There could be different reasons for this kind of problem.

First of all: did you unzip the game? (It will not run from within the zip archive.)

Do you use a 32 or a 64-bit system? This game is a 64-bit application and will not run on a 32-bit system.

If this is not the case then the reason could be a missing library. Maybe it is a graphics issue (despite the fact that this is a pixel art game, it makes use of some more advanced graphics functionality).
If you are a more experienced user you could try to start the game from command line:

  1. press Win + R
  2. type "cmd.exe" and hit enter to open the command line
  3. navigate to the folder where you unzipped the game (something like "cd C:\path\to\the\game\")
  4. type "TinyPixelWars_Windows.exe" and hit enter to start the game

If the command line spits out some error message then please let me know.

I will also see if I can find something that might cause this problem.

Hello! Do you get any error message(s)? Which operating system do you use?

Thank you :)

Sure, I will.

By the way, I won the competition :)

Thank you! Yes there is a lot to improve: lots of small bugs and glitches – and the ai really needs some fixes. At the moment I don't have much time but the game will definitely get some updates and maybe some new features – eventually there will come a campaign, too.

Okay, I fixed the bug, and uploaded a version that missed a file. If it didn't work, it is not your fault. I have uploaded It a second time – this time with all needed files – hope it works now ;)

I found a bug with the game Window – the fixed Version is on-line. I hope this solves your resolution problem.

Hey thanks for playing!

Btw, if you want units to attach enemies on their way, send them with the »attack« command (press [A] or click the crosshair button in the bottom left corner before sending them). Saves you a lot of time and trouble ;)

@Postmodestie: I have sent you an email (schro…

Thank you! Overheating was part of some games that I played as a child and somehow I really like this concept ;)

Thx! New formations can be added easily and the balancing will also be adjusted no time – however I will do this after the voting.

This was exactly what I thought, but I was not sure whether this effect was intended or not, since it fits the idea of playing a monk in the game ;)

Thank you! After the voting I will fix some minor issues (balancing …) and eventually add some new enemies and behaviors so that there is a little bit more variety.

The bullets should be a lot faster in my opinion. This would make hitting enemies much less random.

The minimalist graphics style is super cool ^^

Tank you so much!

Well, this is a nice concept. These drawings look super cool, too.

Buy the wrong stuff and you are dead – it's »buy or die«!

Overall a fun game – simple concept but still quite challenging.

This is an interesting game. I really like it.

At first I was so focused on stirring, that I didn't hear the bell ^^

These drawings are really cool!

This3D model looks pretty good – especially the display. There are even shadows under the lcd tiles...

I solved it, but I have no idea how ^^

Hmm, a rhythm based game ... that's a good idea. I absolutely love the Music (especially that of game B)!

A wild west shooter – how cool! ^^

Nice game. It gets really challenging after a while.

It really gets fast after 100 – and yes, I can get a higher score ^^

It didn't work at first, but then I realized that my löve version was from 2014 ^^

Looks and feels like a real game from that time – well done

Thank you! That is so cool! Maybe I should write a 1-minute-pet next time ;)

At first I had some problems figuring out how to minimize the Petri dish – but then I understood that you have to throw them into the trash bin ^^
I had a lot of fun experimenting with all that stuff. Maybe something like that would be great for biology lessons in schools. The sandbox character of this virtual pet/game could help built up intrinsic motivation. Really nice concept!

I absolutely love the idea of combining the virtual pet theme with an rpg aspect. There are still some minor bugs – but there really was little time for game development. All in all I like your concept.

It looks so cute! And I absolutely like these pixel art graphics.

A pet in a terminal – and best of all: its from the 80s! Really cool idea!

Thanks! Inkscape really rocks!

Nice! I absolutely like the idea to feed files to the virtual pet, this is something really unique – I fed him its own game files … is that cannibalism ^^

Thanks a lot. When the rating is over, I have to do something about the sound …