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I think I'm experience the same sound glitch. It's this constant MIDI flicker sound, kinda like a blip and static exploding at the same time.

Hi Pyton,

I'm afraid not any longer.  :(
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Memoir community · Created a new topic Goodbye to Steam

Hi peeps,

This is an announcement posted in regards to the situation over at Steam Store.

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing this, that in 2 weeks Memoir will be removed from the Steam store. The purchase option has been hidden which some of you may have noticed, as to the reason we will announce below.

To make it clear, this does not mean that Memoir will cease to exist. It will stay available right here on

Moving on, the reason which led to this decision is that we are closing down Memoir’s hosting  company, Ren Production, as we are no longer able to sustain the company. This affects Memoir’s sale on Steam because the distribution right was registered to the said company.

We would like to transfer distribution rights. However, proper and legal obligation requires us to transfer the distribution rights to a personal owner basis with another application fee of 100USD which we don’t think we can afford.

To the existing players of Memoir on Steam, you will not be affected. We have already confirmed with Steam’s support team that our game will continue to be available in your library to be downloadable and playable game. Community and discussion forums will also stay available, but only to existing users.

Following this announcement, we will be hosting a sale of Memoir’s copy on’s store at a reduced price of about 75% discount that will run for about 2 weeks until the eventual removal of Memoir's Steam store page.

We thank you tremendously for your support thus far. It was a short run, but Memoir had its limelight which was worthwhile for us to make all of this happened.



This is so cool haha. Good work!

I was getting irked why there wasn't an undo button, but I quickly cool down when I remembered that 'simple' undo is actually quite complex when there's more than 2 objects to track based on my own game lol.

Short but great concept btw!

Oh definitely take your time! I think I definitely recognize it if you made a full game years later.

Very delightful animation! Would buy a full game if there was one

Wonderful puzzles. I like how you change the rules and the whole puzzle would have a perspective shift.

I was kinda expecting for unusable blank tiles, but guess that didn't happen.

This is a very solemn and lovely story. Thank you for making this.