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I am slightly confused, what is the smoke line?

there are things hidden away from the path, and you can use them to get another ending

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There are secrets hidden in the woods.

great game. loved the freezing mechanic

all of these characters are instantly iconic. 

all of these characters are instantly iconic. 

i love the mechanic of charging up the sword in order to attack

yeaaa i noticed that after the due date, and i cant exactly correct it now that the jam is over

this is the best comment that i have ever recieved

description has been updated

I probably should have specified that the goal is to survive until 6AM…

The description is now updated

Can someone please explain why this game blew up like this?

none of my other games were this popular


you can see the true exit when you reach the false one

there is a way to escape during the RUN section

there is a second ending...

pixelcat actually has its own 3d model that i used for the jumpscare, but the rest of it is just 2d pixel art

in the first level there is a jump too far to clear even with a double jump, but when you die you leave behind a gravestone that you can use as a platform to land on/jump off of.

(also I did add music in all levels but the third, and I’m not sure why it didn’t play for you)

Thnx for playing!

you have to sacrifice a life to see were you are going

although i should have added checkpoints so you don't have to restart the level every time you die

Thnx for the feedback!

My high score was 160, I really enjoyed this game! the art was great and the gameplay was really fun!

i loved this 

it had a great story and the gameplay was really enjoyable overall

The physics of this game was really fun, I especially enjoyed the unique controls.