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Pixel Grotto

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An A+++ ode to 1980's horror films. Great game, spent the entire day finishing it.

I've enjoyed every Postmodern Adventure game so far so I'd love to see this one in English if a translation is ever possible!

One of the best indie games I've played, one of the best adventure games I've played and one of the best cop games I've played. Honestly this blows all of the Police Quests out of the water!

Impressive game, very evocative of the paranoia in The Thing and Who Goes There/Frozen Hell, the original stories that inspired John Carpenter's movie. Would love to see this expanded into a longer game!

This is a clever game! I feel like it could use some kind of character sheet though, just to keep track of all the different aspects and whether or not players have momentum/edge. Maybe all of this could be scribbled down on scratch paper for an in-person game but I feel like categorizing things together on a sheet is much cleaner. 

Yes please to that fillable sheet :D

This game (as well as Escape from Demon Castle Dracula) is too cool. I want a printed version! 

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This looks really awesome. Any chance we can get a form-fillable character sheet PDF for online games?

Hi! I got an update about the "RPG screen" but when I downloaded it, it appears to be the same as the hi-res zine PDF? Just wondering what the difference is!