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Thanks for letting me know, I didn't know about that. I just implemented :)

Great, I hope it works...and thanks for your awesome review :)

I'm glad you like it that much, I hope you can download and have fun playing with it :)

Around 5 months. I'll start adding new content as soon as I finish all the pending art for Telmari.

Hi, yes, I agree, more content is coming, but right now I'm working full time at Telmari as a lead artist. Once this game is over, I'll be back to continue growing Tiny Swords.

Hey, your game looks awesome, good job :D

hehe, thanks, mean wile you can follow me on Twitter :)

hehe, looks awesome, good job!!

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I may do it in the future, now I'm too busy :)

No, I don't have one :(

I'm not going to make more updates, but I will make more new assets soon :)

Happy that you made something cool with this, good job :D

Thank you, have fun :D

haha, sorry about that. I did it because these are being around for a wile now  and soon I will start adding new paid ones :)

Добро пожаловать, веселитесь!

Thank you, have fun :)

All the old pirate assets are included it in this pack :)

Sure, you can use it in any game you like :)

Hi Stef, thanks for this awesome review. Yes, the tileset was intentionally made smaller than the characters ect. Have fun :D

Hi Daniel, Congratulations!!! this is one of the best looking assets I've seeing in Itch so far, good job :)