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That could be fun, maybe in the future I can create a Hero that has all roles :)

Thank you. New monsters are part of the plan. Feel free to join our Discord to follow updates about the project :)

Hello Lirianna. Yes, you can get the old version of the packages, just join the discord and let me know from there to send you the file

Hi, I can give you the burlap sack, but without animation (it takes too long). Join my Discord channel, so I can give you the file :)

Thank you, yes, I'm back. The project is going to get big, stay around, so you don't miss anything :D

Thank you, and more to come :)

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Feel free to join our Discord server, to see daily progress of the project.

If you like this project, give us rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

see ya!!!

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- Pawns (The pawn loading animation will be separated from the resource, that way the action of loading different types of resources will be more efficient. Also, we will add a new resource which will be meat.)

-Warrior and Archer (We are going to add up and down attack animations. That way you can attack in all directions).

-Buildings (A building under construction and a destroyed building will be created, which are more generic and work for all structures. In this way, the creation of new structures will be more efficient).

-Effects (Fire effects will be created, which can be placed on the structures that are being attacked).

New content:

-Ship (transport ship, for resources and people)

-Chivalry (Warrior who is going to attack from his horse).

-King (Lazy king who will only be talking and eating, will work great as an NPC).

-Wall (Tilable Wall to protect your castle with a main entrance).

*Update. New content related with Tiny Swords will be added to the same pack, no additional cost. A lot of new content is coming!!

Hello Silooo, new content will be released in new expansion packs at additional cost.

Hi, I don't have any Godot experience, but yes, tilesets are 128x128px. If you have a diferent configuration it will not work for sure :)

Thanks. Tiny Swords was well accepted, so we are going to be creating new expansion packs in the upcoming months.

Thank you 😊

If I see that people are still interested in this pack after a while, I might release Tiny Swords 2 and even 3. Who knows? :)

Exactly, thanks 👍

Thanks, and yes, it makes a lot of sense. Is not a lot of work, so let's add it to the list. Check back tomorrow!

haha, fluffy sheep 🐑

How convenient, haha, have fun!! :D

Just to let you know, we just added the front shoot for the archer :)

Just to let you know, we just added the front shoot for the archer :)

Yeah, and more troops, more buildings and various factions like orcs and undead would have been great too, hehe. But we want it to make it short, and instead of updates, we want to create new packs with new mechanics every month 😆

Yes, but we are working on a small update to add a front shoot.

Thanks. We are working on it as a couple of people have requested it.

Thanks 😊

Thanks 😊

Thanks 😊

Thank you !!

Thanks, yes, we want to keep asset packs short, and instead of expand one single pack, make completely new ones 😁

We didn't want to extend it too much, but you can use the color variations to create enemies 😉

I had a lot of fun playing it, good job!