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This game was interesting. I loved the buildup and the manipulation at play.  The game really made me feel for the main character. 

Beautiful story telling with a twist. I really enjoyed the pace of this game. Great job!

Fantastic game and the art style was beautiful! 

I was excited to play this game but when trying to get to the second floor, I get stuck on the top step and can't move forward.  Seems like a cool game from the videos, but I can't make it past the steps. 

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This game was a lot of fun! I am really excited to see more of this. I thought it was a really beautiful game.

This was such a beautiful game! I really enjoyed the story and how everything turned out. I cannot

say enough good things about this game. It was simply amazing. 

I love this game so far! The bosses were hard but not impossible. I can't wait till the full game comes out!!

I unzipped and downloaded this game, but when I get to the loading screen, it takes forever! I had it sit on this screen for about 10 mins before I gave up. Kind of disappointed as I wanted to play this game. Anyone else having issues?