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This is brilliant; great idea, youve taken a very basic concept and run with it. The rising lava really adds that sense of jeopardy and the different sizes of the objects introduces an element of strategy.
Just to echo what the others say, the timer does seem to initially come across as if its related to the lava rise, but otherwise - very well done and no bugs I could find!

Seems like it's got potential! I get the vibe, its a sort of Tetris'esque block generating skyscraper builder. You could do with some clearer onscreen prompts as to what to do, it took me a couple of attempts to work out that I was meant to be clicking the matching shapes in the right sequence (still not quite sure how I get the right one queued up though).
Only technical issue is that the Web Player version is incredibly laggy to the point of unplayable.

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback, I might come back to this over the weekend and make some tweaks - you're spot on, it needs a little more refinement.  Targeting reticule, powerup clarification and the pathfinding could do with an adjustment.

Ahh, so, the enemies going through the walls... it may look like that, but it's a quirk of the pathfinding. They're not technically going through the wall as per se, they're just cutting a corner. I need to refine it so they stop taking shortcuts from one node to the next when it intersects a corner, as it gives the impression they're blending through. Normally I'd spend a bit more time configuring the pathfinder, but in this instance it was all very rush rush.
I suspect it becomes overwhelming quite quickly with the number of waves per level (especially at the end, technically you're facing 100 waves, which is - yeah, chaotic!)

Thanks for the feedback!

If you have a moment to let me know, I'd love to hear which bugs you came across so I can rectify them!

If you have a moment to let me know, I'd love to hear which bugs you came across so I can rectify them!

Thanks, yeah, there's no denying how rough around the edges it is. Glad you enjoyed it for what it is though!

Cheers, aye, it was very much a slapped together affair. Glad you appreciate it despite the roughness!

Thank's for the feedback and trying it out! The small gaps *are* a pain in the butt, totally agree. Glad you liked it though!

Great job, love the art style - fantastic. Only feedback; maybe up the space a little; your char string builder could run a little quicker, and the pace to get to the action could be a smidge faster. I also hit a bug where I was stuck in low gravity, and couldn't get past the turret thing, so I was stuck on the right side of the screen. Couple of tweaks though, and it'd be perfect!

Great fun, brilliantly frustrating, just the right balance of 'try, try and try again'

Clever take on a platformer! With a little more polish, it could have the makings of a very unique game!

Fair feedback :) Funnily I was close to including an 'invert screen' mechanism, but time just wasn't on my side. Thanks for giving it a spin though :)

Great game, although strangely the resolution doesn't seem correct on my Chrome browser (1920x1080) - I'm missing the bottom section of the screen.

Great game, although strangely the resolution doesn't seem correct on my Chrome browser (1920x1080) - I'm missing the bottom section of the screen.

Thanks - glad you enjoyed, I wanted to get some more in but just couldnt commit the time unfortunately.

Thanks! Embarassingly just noticed a bug with the instructions - it should be A/D for movement - will patch this in over the weekend.

Great jam, not quite sure I'm doing it right though as I don't appear to see either the moon or the planet growing bigger?

Holy crap, this is fun!

Lovely visuals :)

Enjoyed this, quite challenging!

Feels like a great prototype, definitely can see that this would work well with some narrative behind it, concept of new aiming angles being picked up is great fun. I do love the minimal feel of the graphics too, all angles and then the circular of the player and AI's.

Great little piece to pick up and blast, feels like it's possibly wanting some fluff?

There's something cheeky about this. It evokes memories of 90's Kids TV gameshows, where you'd call in and yell at the presenter whilst they frantically push in the direction you're yelling.

Not a bad little game, I'd certainly see myself wasting time playing it whilst letting my mind wander. Does the job!

A nice simple, pickup and play experience. I did get a JSpop error when the claw drop down into the hole on the left to unload the loot. All it needs now is a knockoff Pokemon cuddly toy that you've got no chance in hell of catching, and it's just like real life :)

Great fun all in all, can see it porting as a decent 'on the bog' mobile experience

Thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed it. I've taken your feedback onboard and have significantly reduced the volume of the text bloops, 0.1.19 is now available with a more ear friendly experience <3