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really cool game you may need a few attempts cause you can get stuck really easy but fun to solve th epuzzles

Cute idea nice visuals i love the game

in full version this definitely will come but within the week there wasn't time. Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for your feedback. It's nice to hear such a feedback already with our first jam game. 

you are right I'am using AddForce to achieve the feeling of none gravity in space like the player were floating threw the space

It's possible with less than 15 holes. How many do youd need?

Nice game I enjoyed

Thanks for your rating :-) And no it's not the sound from Dragon Ball we made this soun dout of a sample and multiple layers of noise.

NIce game but for me it was very hard. I'm not a jump and run guy :-)

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How many holes did you need? It's possible with less than 15.

Thanks for your rating

A Game with beautiful graphics and a nice gameplay. I like the game