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took  me too long to figure out what was going on. not very spooky. didnt even shit my pants once. ok i did shit my pants once, but its not like it happened twice....

it happened. twice. i literally shit my pants out of fear not once, not thrice, but twice times while playing this game.

that was messed up and kind of awesome

did not understand it, but did enjoy it

my only critique is the ball collision sounds could have been more musical, like a set of pentatonic wind chimes or similar.

Really awesome game I used to play on the family computer back in the 90s. Could never remember the name of it, figured I would never play it again. Love that I can just let it run or play more actively with clicking. 

Very cute and fun game. Took me a couple tries to figure out what was going on. Would recommend to my wife. 

Mild puzzler that can be solved with minimal guessing, but can also be solved at a more granular level. 

A very old idea turned into a fun little creepy game. 

Man Man was good man. 

For the ability to cuss on command alone i give this game 5 stars. For everything else, sadly, I cannot give more. 

Loved this, as a long time fan of SCP. Well done. 

I don't know if I understand it, but i respect it.

Lots of Saphhic tension between the two leads. Might explain why she's so sad when the other leaves. Overall, well done. I particularly enjoyed the backing track that played throughout. 

This is a great concept on paper but in practice, the monster mechanic is a little underdeveloped, frustrating, and confusing. Love following the lamp light through a dark library though.

Fun concept, with graded levels ascending in difficulty. Nice blend of shoot em up and puzzling. 

Objectively, a good, well made game. But I will never play it again.

Amazing. Art design, pacing, difficulty of puzzle, characterizations, everything high level and really well done. 

Pretty nifty concept art interactive story with a few choices peppered in for the reader. Very Lovecraftian and unsettling. Certain parts were extremely well done and very engaging. 

Unsure of the troll factor here. Am i just simply an out of touch boomer that cant grasp these new gen z platformers or is the author of this game a devilish turd hellbent on frustrating me worse than marisa tomei does in every single role she plays? the world will never know because it's time to make dinner and i'm ready to forget i ever tried this. 

I made it about 30 seconds into whatever that song was at the beginning which I assume is a record. I have extremely eclectic tastes in music, I can listen to whatever *.core genre your little brother is listening to from any sub decade of the last 5 months and get along with it. But I hated that robot singing. Like, I really hated it. I gathered that he was singing about not having a voice or ears or something a la Edvard Munch's Silent Scream or whatever and I just could not get into that. 2/10 would not silently scream into the never-ending abyss of my soul ever again. 

Well this one is pretty bad I must say. Apropos of nothing, the Deftones Around the Fur is still a badass album with some slappin freakin bangers on it. 

whats the song at the beginning of the game? it slaps.