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I mean, it's not the first BALDI'S BASICS LEVEL EDITOR that I saw, but I hope it is a well made editor, the screenshots looks promising too

Just a quick warning, if you guys find any bug related to the NPC Navigation, I'm working on a fix to it, no worries!

Is it just me or there's someone upvoting every comment here?

Nah you don't, just use the project you used to make this game and export using, also your game is really good, just confusing

You should use turbowarp, in the sheeptester page, they even says turbowarp is better

What do you use to export these games into html? Pretty sure this isn't Turbowarp, also do you put these games on scratch?

Found any glitches, be welcome to say here.

Just make sure to describe the glitch (and if there is a way to reproduce it) 

If you found any Interesting Seed, post it here, I'll check it out and see if you can have your seed on the seed list!

dude this is not 0.3, this is 1.0v already, look how many changes lol

wdym he "stops" slapping? You mean, after taking a notebook?

Dude, are you still alive? I noticed your gamejolt alt has been banned

I guess not

This is a mod, not a decompile, also, soon he may make the mod menu to BB+, but only when the game is already finished (no more updates)

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Oh god, you right, the vault doesn't work anymore. I'm gonna fix it if I can

Edit: wait a sec... that's just the github page, maybe I forgot to put the vault link, here it is

Just don't say the words, but I don't know why these words are bannable, this is stupidly restrict.

Omg my eyes are hurting just to see this page

Say thanks for Fasguy :)

Anyways, now we know the reason of your ban, say these words can ban people on Roblox.

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That's the point, you are spamming, as well say that was a joke, when that is not an excuse.

Just let me say to you something, "GAY" and "RACIST" are bannable words on Roblox, that's why you got banned

second of all,

I'm still here :D

........ dude.... are you ok with your head? Spamming hashtags, talking about racist/gay stuff or just mentioning these words on a kid's game. You deserved this ban.

At least, it's 7 days, but why did you get banned? I bet that shitty Roblox moderation is blind, but not for everything.

Hey dev, you already should remove this game on flash version, it's not updated and nobody can play on the browser :)

If that is the future school, when we can play it? Only on future?

Hey you play Roblox? You can still use Roblox Studio to learn about Lua language and be a good developer

What?? How do you get IP banned?

Dude that's just a fake account made by a kid, 8 days and already steal mods? Perhaps it got banned before.

This image of this girl is scaring me lol

Calm down guys, jeez, just report the game for being stolen, that's how the account will be banned.

Nah, I didn't play this game yet, and I won't play

carpet edition? The fuck is that?