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Hi, thanks for giving the demo a try, as for the Toxic bull, you have to attack him with a fury punch (also X,X,X on air works).

I've been thinking recently a way to make the use of strong attacks more intuitive, sorry about that. I hope you can try it again.

Hi, thanks for giving it a look, a lot of revisions and fixes have been made to the actual full game so it is a bit better now, Grammar def needs checking before the full game releases (english is not my main language).

Had a good time watching the walkthough and getting the feedback from it, thanks you so much.

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I Just spent 30 minutes playing it, is oddly satisfying and fun.

thanks for the extras, a lot of love put into this game.

Hi, you can comment it here or DM it at my socials. Thank you so much for giving it a try.

Beutiful theme, any chance for a "dark mode" preset?

Hi, I'm planning a Steam release when the game is done.

About archivements, looking for a way to implement those since PGMMV lacks any Steamworks features, but I also want some archivements so look forward to it.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, appreciated.

I'm adressing some issues with the combat for the next update.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, appreciated.

You can skip the intro in the menu after selecting the difficulty, to skip directly to the castle level. The Slide mechanic needs some context, I'm making an update to fix some of the problems this version has.

Hi, thank you! 

Thanks for checking out the demo and the feedback. Appreciated   :D

cool game.

really cool app, is there any chance to add .ogg export?

fun game, a showcase on how capable this engine is on good hands, nice work.

Thanks for this tool.


Hi, Awesome app. Would be cool if you add more symmetry options (move symmetry, horizontal ) Overrall, great tool!