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sooo why did Gil leave high school and started teaching in university?😋😋

I have it enabled but when i continu it says app not installed

Just click ignore

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the game wont work for me on mobile 😕

*-* Senpaii noticed me~

Omg dudee!!! Loving Gills route so far! He really is my favorite character hihi

Late reply lol but THANK GOD For that Scene with Darius <3 I've been waiting so long!

The game is looking better with each update!!! Really proud of u dude ;3 

Im dying for Gills Route hihi :P

What is the diffrence between the 2 windows files?

When is the new update gonna be?

Omgg I can't wait to see how Coach his story goes *-* 

I think its 10 bucks, and the game won't be finished for a while I guess (hope).

This game is already amazing. Can't wait to see how it goes!!!

Ughh they got so clooose

Argghhh that ending with Darius... I can't wait anymore, his route is definatly the best <3

I feel ya bro, but nope. 

Omg yes! As long as it is one of those 2 my life will be complete.. Or just a big orgy with the whole tennis team xP

Not that I know of.. Its killing me tho Darius is my fave besides Spencer

Same here

What is that song on the piano called Darius plays for you after he gets out of the hospital? 

The new art style wont even download for me idk why its not working :C

Darius is such a cutie tho <3 Really wanna see the main character, Darius  And Spencer having a threesome <3

The game is still in development but u can pay  so ur 1 or 2 updates ahead.

Ever tought about a threesome with Spencer and Darius? I would love to see it! And im sure im not the only one ;)

Omg yes I would love to see Kid spencer *-*

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I deleted the old version and downloaded 1.52 but Its still the same as before