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EDIT: fixed! Please disregard! It might be my pdf display program (acrobat on OSX) but the 5th and 6th warps are obscured by the page numbering in the FOLDS pdf.

The book is intended to be workably system-neutral, and to not require outside statistics or tables for resolution. 
Creatures, spells, items, and the like do have their own chapters of statistics blocks appropriate for the fifth edition of the big game - Challenge Ratings, GP costs, etc.
All sections rely on some classic OSR mechanics - d6 tables, hexagonal travel areas, growth/evolution via hit die (HD), and a focus on wildlife and wild environments.

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This is such a darling format for a location!

Could you include your name/itch profile on the printout, so that folks can remember where it came from and how to get more?

further suggestions for version 2 (beyond the scope of the Jam):

Adding 1-6 to a consistent corner of the pages would turn this into a d6 table of which detail/situation is encountered when. (ignoring the cover page and "your journey" page).

Much love,