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Pistacho Duck

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I never though about that, sounds really fun!!!

This was surprisingly immersive and relaxing, good stuff

It's ok, thank you for playing and commenting, it truly means a lot.

Yeah, the boss was not the best honestly, still, thanks for the feed back and for playing!

Lol, thanks for playing.

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I'm really glad you enjoyed it, thankyou for playing!!!

Thank you very much for the feedback, i truly appreciate it, and of course, thank you por playing!.

Damn, that was a solid experience, a little too precise with the last 2 screens, but pretty cool nonetheless. keep doing games!

Dude, nice ball physics. keep the game coming!

Maybe not writing in caps will help

That sure was an experience, damn.

That was surprisingly immersive lol, cool UI and cute sprites, the buffs per level are a little op tho, i would play this like crazy on my phone with more levels, cool stuff!!!.

Damn, that was weirdly satisfying

Pretty cool idea, really good pixelart

That was a game loop i was not expected to enjoy damn.

Ok this was hilarious lol, really fun  game, the collisions are kinda weird but work well with the game, did you use state machines?

Damn, that's what i call an update, you just wipped all my critiques, plus, Linux version works like a charm, waiting for your next project!

Dude, thanks for checking my projects, it means a lot, i'm currently working on a game, with a "proper" engine, this games were made just to see if i could make a game without a GUI, next time will be at least less abstract lol.

I wasn't expecting a comment lol, thanks for playing dude.

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Thanks for the Linux port, runs with no problem, controller support works as well, played with a friend from beggining to end, such a good game, Thanks for making it, looking forward to your next project!!!

Cool for a test game, those explosions keep me playing, keep it up!

This would blow up on android with and infinite tower and maybe something else to do in between the climbing.

Really, really fun, keep it up.

Such a great experience, really cool game, however, i don't seem to be able to move the 2nd Character, i played on Linux through Wine and on Windows to be sure, but nothing, maybe i need a numeric keyboard (?