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edited out the first paragraph, i was stupid and clicking the wrong thing.

anyway ignoring that, this is really fantastic work.  each segment feels like a fully committed-to artistic vision with a definite tone and atmosphere that all compliment each other. something about the overall vibe kind of reminds me of mister manticore's work on the Monument Mythos (and the follow-up series), like how it repeatedly swan dives between ominously mundane to absurdly unhinged. absolutely love it. can't wait to see Vol 2

this is game is pretty old, but i gotta say I really really love how the tempo of the music roughly matches the rate you need to tap fire to carve out a path while running.

you really do have a knack for creating games that convey that feeling of being just totally flat and dead inside.  can I ask how you created the Cosmic red desert?  the whole area had an incredible atmosphere and I spent a while just looking at the skybox

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Super cool collection as always.  Really enjoying Nowhere, MI.  Feverdream Johnny is an unhinged genius, cannot wait for the full release.

damn dude i remember finding this game on a forum like 15 years ago. it was when i first realized as a kid how much passion and talent existed outside of the traditional game industry and made indie horror such a life-long obsession for me.

I really hope you expand this idea some day, its a really simple idea executed very well.  The voice acting alone is way more convincing and natural than the actual Youtube series.





maybe I'm dense, but who was the fourth victim?  I understand the husband, son and first responding officer. who was the last (or first) victim?

slowly but surely we are inching towards a future where the AAA "qwop" genre overtakes the market

don't cry because you pissed your pants

cum beacuse you shit

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comedy-horror doesn't really do it for me most the time because they're two elements that often weaken each other, but this hits that "Unedited Footage of a Bear"-style balance absolutely perfectly.  It's genuinely hilarious, and genuinely horrifying. edit: oh yeah and being able to say "ASS" when I'm actually getting freaked out is extremely satisfying

man, you really nailed the authenticity here.  a kind of noclip-based horror is my absolute dream game, I really hope you decide to flesh this idea out

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: i lost track of the time, but lmao at the "easter egg" from watching the Sad Satan/Microsoft 3D Maze screensaver all the way through.  Was that kind of a troll for people who noticed the music slowing down, or did it have a greater purpose.  If not, it could use a trim lol

this is so insanely well done, especially for a game jam piece.  i know its been a while since you've uploaded this, but I really hope you still have interest in developing because you have a real talent here

strange behavior.  if there's supposed to be a main menu, it doesn't appear.  all I see is a vortex. clicking lower left exits, somewhere around center of vortex toggles full screen, left of vortex starts game.  pressing Space during gameplay opens a window to save a screenshot.

musics pretty sick though

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man, you really have this low poly atmosphere down.  like, you truly understand how to actually build spaces in this aesthetic that complement it, and build a proper mood. theres a real sense of lore to the world that makes it feel bigger than just what we see.  hope to see a lot more from you soon.  

btw, I got here after seeing your Madvent 2020 entry, and since there's no standalone page for it, I figured I'd ask: can I get some kind of hint on the key location for the door?  I've tried a lot of things, think I checked all the drawers, tried burning or flushing any moveable objects...  I'm stumped! 

this is really incredible so far as capturing the bizarre uneasiness one would  remember from  Majora's Mask's as a child.  the sound design especially is so insanely on point.  how exactly did you make the "OHHwuhwwuhWUwuh" warbling speech clips? it sounds exactly like LoZ. I guess its different triangle pitch filters, but I could never tell if the tone was from like a soundfont sample or just a simple synth tone.

this is a really incredible thing. perfectly suited to your visual style.  everything feels so oppressive and evil, like playing these kinds of games as a kid. What did you use to make the sprites?  The art in general is extremely well done and feels "natural"

I played this game a while ago and I still think about it very often.  

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this is phenomenal. you've got a unique voice and eye for the artistry of making a horror game, rivals Paratopic in doing this sort of game right. the choice of camera angles does a lot to sell the mood.   the sound design is outstanding, the few snippets of music remind me of a cross between John Carpenter and OneOhTrix Point Never.

can't wait to try the full game

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One of the best and most stressful in the jam that I've played.  This is a classic indie horror format done extremely well.  This shows a real understanding and proficiency in the mechanics of building dread and tension.  I'm a sucker for good sound design, this game delivers

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I don't even remember how I found this game, I don't play many rpg maker games in general, or have the patience to get into them.  But this has been stuck in my head for like a year. Never imagined I would have put 8+ hours (plus more for multiple replays) into this when I first started, but I'm so glad I stuck with it.

The scares are decent, which is what I think drew me to the game initially, but I found myself sucked into the plot and atmosphere.  The pacing and momentum of the shifting world is really effective. All the little scene cards and altered "reboot" title sequences are humble and cute, but do a lot to build tone.  The choice of paintings for the jigsaw scenes was perfect. The character writing is extremely well done.  They're all distinct even though they're playing off of old tropes, and I really did grow to like them.  Which made the turns hit so hard.  

I dunno dude, there's something about the layered tragedy of this game that has stuck with me for a long time.  It puts me in wistful state, where I imagine an idealized version of my highschool days, corrupted by the very real and painful traumas that I think a lot of us at least brushed up against in life.   It's hitting something in my core which I guess means its a really good work of art lol.

Again, this type of game isn't really in my wheelhouse, but I'm shocked I don't see it talked about more with how well-executed the concept is.  I hope you keep making games because you truly know how to tell a story with them.

edit: oh yeah and the soundtrack, of course.  The OST is amazingly well done in terms of fitting and enhancing the tone.  There's so much love, work and care that obviously went into the making of this game.  The dev room at the end was a great little peek into how much careful planning went into this.

e2: wow sorry, just realized you have another title, Turovero.  checking that out ASAP

wow you actually really captured the personality and tone (besides, uh, the horror stuff) of warioware really, really well thru the sound and visual design/animations.  most WW clones don't have that eye for detail.  and the games were actually fun, too!

just curious, is there any way to complete the final boss, or are you just supposed to get spooked?

man the best tone pieces are always the shortest.  hope you expand these ideas someday

hey just want to say this is why i waste so much time downloading random horror games off here.  because very rarely you find someone who actually gets it.  someone who is able to actually do "domestic" horror right and put so much care into making a space seem (un)real and authentic to its context. understands how to play with the format and make you feel something unexpected without cheap tricks.

pretty much everything you've put on here hits those marks, can't wait to play more if you decide to continue creating.  thanks.

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this is really cool but is there some sort of interactive element beside refreshing the window im missing

also are these all GAN generated faces?

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Very cool so far.  Love the tone and composition of the shots, gave me strong RE 1 vibes.  Ran into a bug though, I found the Wire Hanger, figured I needed to find something to pull it apart and wandered around.  I came back to the room where you find the hanger and held Alt to see if I missed something. I clicked on the hanger again and got the "might need this" description even though it was already in my inventory.  After that, I'm unable to highlight or click anything on screen.  I've tried tapping Alt to "reenable" it or something, but it seems like I have to restart.  Good thing you put in a Skip Intro option :P

super cool.  the pacing and ramp up of power was effective, and how it reframes your goal/ability as the player was very well done.  what was the meaning of the lettering on the powerups?

this is actually a pretty fun idea.  couple suggestions:

 1) Make respawns a bit faster.  It's already pretty fast, but you die a lot in this game and that extra half second can get frustrating

2) Make the charge-up meter bigger/more obvious.  It took me a while to even understand what it was.

3)  It's a bit too hard to judge the trajectory of the punt from cursor to banana.  I get that the banana is supposed to move somewhat unpredictably, but i think a little directional cone from cursor to banana would make things a little more manageable.

Not bad for an early project!