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I discovered my laptop's integrated graphics card is the basic Intel(R) HD Graphics mode, ie before even the 2000.

I am using Intel (r) HD Graphics integrated card on this laptop. There is literally no other specification I can get on that beyond that.

After scanning automatically, Windows says I already have the best drivers for this.'

Using  DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer also did not do anything, as it said no installation was necessary as I have everything I need.

Oh and btw, using the workaround for the now removed option to "run with graphics processor" has also not done anything.

I've not really been able to try out many UE4 games on here. As to the graphics card, it appears to be an internal one, whose details are so difficult to find out that I just never did it. Because it's just listed as "internal graphics card", or a variation thereof, it's been a bit since I went over the system detailsa again.

It's also the only one, I have on here. No idea what else to do here, as the card seems to be as updated as it will possibly get, and whatever few drivers weren't updated, I recently did update in relation to what I fault was faulty software but which just turned out to be an LG mouse I'Ve had for over 12 years finally giving up the ghost.

The fixes for this which I did look up just don't work, the only one I haven't tried is to reinstall the Runtime Environment but I just downloaded it so I don't think that'd help. Sorry with being a bit vague in spots, am not really able to double check this atm as I'm doing some work that needs to be got out of the way first.

Sadly am unable to run this because I get a "DX11 feature level 10.0 is requires to run the engine" error message. I have the required 10.0 support, graphics card is as updated as possible, and not even using the roundabout way to switching to highly intensive GPU mode (cause Windows decided that instead of an option on the right click menu, it's now going to be an 8 step process) and still nothing : /

That'd be great. The art is great, just the gameplay needs a tiny bit more variety is all : D

I like the designs and the backgrounds, remind me quite a lot of Space Funeral.

A few issues: I think just a little bit more of an enemy variety per stage would be good.Also,4 of the 5 the Bosses simply slowly fly towards the bottom of the screen, which means that for the most part you can kill them very easily while just running away from them. First time playing, I didn't even get to see more than a split second of the second boss before killing it offscreen. And that's a shame since the 2nd Boss is probably my favourite, design and animation wise.

Also some stage hazards you can't destroy but have to pass through, say when a gate opens or to avoid being hit by a fan blade, or avoiding something like a giant worm going back and forth on the screen (as an example of something that I think would fit XD thematically) would make the levels a lot more interesting and give them some individuality.

I did enjoy this overall, just a tiny bit more would make it stand out even more : D The ending screen is pretty damn funny too.

It's a well drawn game and enjoyable enough, though I feel the short length could be compensated by making it a bit harder with the first two bosses ?

The biggest issue however is that each stage has just one enemy type and no obstalces or anything which kinda makes shooting enemies a little boring after a while. : o

Yah the audio needs to be longer cause this short loop is really annoying XD

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do. Whenever I press something in the game the dumb bell just starts going lower and lower until his hands get ripped off and no matter what buttons I press it still doesn't do anything.

You are suppoposed to press the S W O L buttons right ?

It does work indeed ! Thanks.

I really liked the game, only wish it was a bit longer.  My only technical issue would be with the boss, because if the bills fall down and you're hanging off a ring, it might mean you'll bite it. Also I had one time where I hit him from behind on the right side, and he turned around and since I couldn't get past him to reach the lowest hanging ring, I couldn't avoid getting killed there either.

But that's a minor nitpick. Still a really fun game overall.

After reviewing the files, I still can't get it to run. Which is odd given I've had at least 3 other games with this exact same error working thanks to an installer.

No need to apologise, it's cool you even thought to do something for XP users at all at this stage : D Will report if everything works shortly.

I did and they worked once an installer was provided.

Hey um, just asking if there be any updates on a possible installer package.

There's this issue with XP support where games made on a certain engine from a certain point on won't work on XP due to a "not a valid Win32 application" error, however if one includes an installer that has always solved these issues, in my experience. Would that be at all possible ? Thanks.

So I've encountered the "Not a valid Win 32" error that shows up on XP.  Could you maybe include an install, as that helps to bypass the issue.

This is a problem with a lot of recent uploads. Would you happen to know a way to make it usable on XP, or have a way to provide an installer ?

I've been trying to run it but it crashes on me every time. I use an XP.

I think that's the reason. Game Maker from a certain point on stopped supporting XP in their exported games.

Hey, I've found that this is another one of those gams that doesn't work on XPs, citing it's "not a valid win 32 application". Is there any way to fix that and actually, you know, be able to do more than just look at the thumbnail ? : /

Was this inspired by the Wario Advance Game ?

Fun but I'd hoped there'd be more of it.

It's okay so far but I did run across a bug where your ball can end up stuck on top of one of those hearth things and thus make the game unwinnable.

Okay nevermind, I just beat the bastard. But yeah there's one configuration of those sliding things which seems pretty much impossible to avoid.

Also wanted to edit my previous message but I had to delete it instead because when I went to edit it, the text box would de-select itself after every button input, meaning I'd have to click the box again with my mouse every time I'd press a key, for the entire message. I never had that happen before on any website ever.

This was pretty good. Only wish there'd be more of it.

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a full proper game made of this !

Thanks, that actually worked.

One question though, can you move the van at all ?

So I'm getting the "not a valid win 32 application error". I think it's because I'm on XP and the updated software you used no longer supports that. Is there any way around that ?

Here than

I can send you loads of other types and models too, including vertical blinds made of strings or blinds made of crepé.

As someone who makes blinds for a living I have to ask, I hope you have the more modern chain variety available as well.

I ran it on dosbox and still the stopping for several seconds every couple of steps was annoying. I think that's what kinda kills it most. I wanted to like it but it was just too slow : /

The movement speed and the waiting before you can start walking again kinda killed this.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

Well I got "not a valid win32 application" :/

Is there any way this can be made to run on XP ?

Thanks for the effort anyway : D

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Well yeah, I am.

In my defense, I heard nothing but terrible things about every OS since and there's a reason so many stuck with it for so long.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'd really like to try this but itkKeeps throwing me a "not a valid win32 application" error.