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We just launched Heartbound into early access!

You can grab the game here! 

Heyo, Lore is actually modeled after me when I was a teenager. Same hoodie and all.

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Hilariously when I switched the comment section into a forum it deleted all the comments :(
That aside, thank you!

We now have a dedicated discussion board rather than just a comments section!
Have fun guys!

Well I did say we included advanced sadness.

Which distro? Works fine on ours.

There is a known issue with the mac build. Check out the steam version and things should be fine.

We are expecting to launch in Early/Mid 2018

Thank you so much!
If you want to see more content or be involved with the community definitely come watch our daily devstreams or join up in the official discord!

There are tons of secrets and multiple endings even in the demo.
Good luck finding them!

That being said, thank you so much for your kind words.
We actually stream game development on Twitch 7 days a week 5 hours a day and run an extremely active discord community for our games.
The Demo will receive one more planned content update before our full launch.

Definitely join up in the Discord and come hang during our DevStreams!
Really glad you like Heartbound so much! <3

Each of the mini-games have a different objective.
During the falling pods mini-game you have to click each pod before it hits you.
During the eyes mini-game you have to remember the pattern and repeat it.

The controls popup just lets you know what buttons will be needed for that mini-game.
Using a gamepad will change this dramatically.

We plan to yes!

Works fine on our office setup of Windows XP.
What error do you receive?

A new update will be coming out soon.
Have to make some changes to Act 1 to make things fit into the rest of the game.

You da real MVP! <3

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Thanks for the kind words! You can use the WASD keys in place of arrow keys if that suits you more and the game also has full controller support which changes combat dramatically. If you'd like to hear more of the music check out our streams on Twitch or the soundtrack on YouTube!

Love the video, you rock!