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pirates of zanzibar

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Have you seen this one? Dunno about the price but they say the pcb is cheap at least. :D It seems like they have a converter for EF cart to magic desk format but not sure if it’s guaranteed right off the bat to work. Cheers


Maybe this can help?

Alternative and easier way would be to just burn the EF if you have one. Cheers!

Hi Thanks for you comment, we are sure however that the game is great enough to warrant $8, a lot of people have paid much more so far. Cheers.


I will check about the new batch of physical releases, hope it happens soon. I will make a post here if that happens. :D

Hi, it should work under the ‘classic mode’ where you can try to mount cart file. I don’t have Maxi but it runs some VICE version so it should be compatible with carts.

2 player mode is what this game is really designed for. Vs AI does have a progressively tougher AI and unlocked bonus (fifth monster and origin tales besides access to the Hall of Fame) derived in this mode so it serves its purpose but 2 player mode is recommended.

Monstro giganto is a cart game and U2+ supports mounting of .crt images.