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Just noticed your other comments on this game, so I thought I'd add to my reply. If you haven't tried it yet, this game is fun to play. It's not a virus or anything, just a game that pretends to be an OS.

The lagging I mentioned is not cause of the game, my laptop is just terrible and lags on every game I've played. The only concern I had was that shutdown it did, since I was recording. But it was all good in the end, and I plan to revisit this game to check out that update.

Unfortunately, that's a nope!!! This game was open directly on my laptop screen (hence the lagging). I probably should have considered a VM though, because it legit shut down my laptop, lol!!! So glad the recording wasn't messed up.

Thank you SO MUCH for the shout-out!!!! Such an awesome surprise that made my week!!!! <3 <3 <3

This game was so creepy and I loved how the jumpscares were timed so perfectly (like the one later in the corridor, totally unexpected). The monster at the end was so awesome, but I wish there was a way to outrun it, even if it still gets us in the end. Other than that, this is so great!!!!!

Yes, this review is late. I thought I posted it the night the vid was uploaded...sorry!!!

This was fun to play, even if the jumpscares were super loud!!! I wish there was more to the game though. Are you planning to add more to this in the future? I'll be on the lookout if so!!!!

For now, my playthrough is below.

Loved this game!!!! But I was surprised at the lack of jumpscares for this one. Still, the game and the concept were really fun!!!! Santa was mad, lol!!!!

Loved this game, but could only pass the Tails level for now. I'll try this again in my spare time, cause I wanna see what happens when beating them all, lol!!!

Another great game!!!! Only things that bugged me is the axe being able to kill the creature once, but then not able to again. And just how hyperaware the creatures were of me in that maze level. Other than that, loved this game!!!!

Wow whee!!!! This update was a lot more than I expected...and I LOVED it!!!!! There was so much more to do and explore, it's amazing!!!! I'm so looking forward to your next updates!!!!

This was some good ol' creepy fun!!!

My only real complaint, is that walking too close to an object that can be climbed (such as the beds) resulted in me jumping on top of them unintentionally. It happened more than once that resulted in me getting caught too soon. It's mentioned in the vid if you want to see what I mean.

But other than that, this is awesome!!!!!
Also, I don't think I saw all the ...dolls... used, that are featured in the archive. Is there going to be more added to the game in the future? I'm all for it, if so!!!!

For now, here is my play through!!!

Had to come back to this, and managed to get all (current) endings!!!! This game is still awesome and got more creepier with the recent updates!!!! Are you planning any additional updates for it? I'll be on the lookout if so!!!! I love this game!!!!!

Here is my new play through!!!

Loved this!!!! It was more creepy with Slendy deciding to randomly show up in front of me when I thought he was right behind me, lol!!! A perfect sequel to the first game!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

This game was awesome!!!! And it only succeeded in making me wanna play Inscrytion even more!!!! I just gotta get a better comp to run it first, so it might be a while.

But for now, here is my play through of this game, in case anyone is interested!!!

Lol, no worries!!!! Next time I see a game from you with a timer, I’ll try that method.

Looking forward to checking out more of your works!!!!!

This game was AMAZING!!!! I loved the story, the creepy atmosphere, the looping mechanics, and how you created an option to make the letters easier to read!!! That's so thoughtful of you!!!!
And while I was not too happy with the over 2.5 hour wait time, the endings made up for it!!!

Here are my play throughs, in case any one is interested!!! "Endless Nightmare" is the main game before countdown, the other vid is after the count reached zero. 

This game was a lot of fun to play, despite my terrible sense of direction!!! But I did not expect Slendy to LITERALLY chase me around the map!!! So creepy!!!!

Also, I saw there's another version of this game (Forest Of Nightmares: Nightmare Refuge). Will definitely be checking it out!!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

Can I just say: I love your summary of the game and this DevLog (especially the part where you defend yourself from those awful personal attacks)!!!!!

This game sounds really interesting and I really appreciate you putting this on my radar!!!!!! I'll be on the lookout for this!!!!!

This game was a lot of fun...and a bit frustrating!!!! But that is my fault, cause I didn't read the VERY clear instructions on the top of the screen. X_X

But aside from my ignorance, this game is awesome!!!! I loved the concept and weirdness of it!!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!!

Sorry, thought I posted this comment a week ago, lol!!!!

Wow, I have missed going fishing the last few years. But this isn't like other fishing trips I've gone on, that's for sure!!!! Loved the atmosphere here, but the jump scares throughout the boat ride didn't really get me. They happened too fast, so I thought it was like the game glitching or something. The ending got me though, lol!!!!

Note: This website was down for a bit yesterday, so I couldn't check the developer notes at the time of recording. But it looks like there's more to this game and another ending??? I'll definitely revisit this really soon!!!!!

For now, here is my current play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

This was awesome!!! But that ending was crazy!!! Totally unexpected!!! Hoping this will be a full game somewhere down the line!!!

And congrats for ScreamJam!!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

This was nice and creepy!!!! Loved the atmosphere of the dark woods during a blizzard!!!! And it's awesome that you made the player a big horror movie fan!!!! :-)

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

This game was fun, but the narrator was so mean to me!!! I got called a pest more than once, lol!!!!

I'll try this again soon, cause I'm sure I missed out on some additional questions. Yeah, I'm not, at all...

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

This is so cute and pretty spooky!!! Took me forever and a half to find that crowbar though, lol!!!!

One thing I wanted to mention: the Windows version of the game wouldn't run on my Win 10 (64-bit) comp. It opened up as a small black window, but the sound was playing. I had to use the browser version instead. Just wanted to mention this in case anyone has a solution for this issue.

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

...yeah, so after seeing there was a Halloween update, I just had to take this babysitting job again!!! This update is so awesome!!!!! I love the look of it and the additional items!!! Looking forward to the December update!!!

Here is my play through of the Halloween update, in case anyone is interested (game starts at 00:51!!!

I love this game!!!! It's so cute (and disturbing, as I soon learned)!!!!
I just got into visual novel games and am eager to check out your other works!!!!

Below are my play throughs, in case anyone is interested (the game starts at 23:16 for the Halloween video). Managed to get all 3 endings!!! 

Hi again!!! I saw the game update and have tried it again. Thank you so much for looking into players' feedback!!! The mouse sensitivity is still a little high, but not as much as before. It is playable as is. And the brighter graphics added to the spooky atmosphere and made things like trees and leaves look more detailed. I managed to finish the game, but I hope you'll expand on it in the future!!!

Here is my second play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

Wow, this game gave me some serious Hitchcock vibes!!! The birds getting me between cabin 1 to cabin 2 were such a pain to pass, but EVENTUALLY I got through. And wow, was that a challenge!! This game was as amazing as it was horrifying!!! And the ending got me, lol!!!
Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

Short, simple, and still freaky!!! the ending was a surprise, that's for sure. I was expecting something else, but that got me!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested (2nd game, starting at 31:07)!!!

So...I tried this out, but couldn't finish it. The mouse sensitivity was too high throughout the game, that trying to look around was practically impossible. I would really like to play this again, but can you please add an option to reduce the sensitivity? I tried changing my mouse settings (both hardware and software) down to a crawl, but the game didn't register those changes, even though the new adjustments worked outside of the game.

The game is very interesting, but I don't think I can continue it until this issue is resolved.

Below is my playthrough, in case anyone is interested (first game).

Welp, this sure was interesting. Kinda ruined my childhood image of Mr. Clean, but I love the dark version of the song!!!

My only complaint, is the fate of the birds!!! WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO IT?!?!
Otherwise, awesome game and looking forward to checking out more of your work!!!

Here is my play through, if anyone is interested!!! Got both endings!!

This game is beautiful and creepy!!!!! Loved the story and visuals!!!! Got serious "Happening" vibes from it too, which succeeded in freaking me out!!! Looking forward to additional updates for this game!!!!

Note: Regarding the issue listed above, I personally did not experience any during my gameplay. And my comp is usually loves to lag, but I didn't have any issues with this (except rain volume compared to my mic audio, but that's my fault).

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

Great game!!!! This was so weird, but so awesome!!!!
I just wish it had more, it ended so fast!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

Nope, sorry!!! After tonight, I'm gonna be too busy to babysit this "lovely angel" in the future!!!
Lol, this game was awesome and quite creepy!!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

Sorry to jump in here but I agree with baphometofhell: Please release the song!!! Additionally, there was a rock-type instrumental song on the playlist that I really enjoyed. Hoping you'll consider releasing it too!!!

This was fun and so freaking terrifying!!!! Chucky is my childhood fear and playing this did not help, lol!!!! But it was fun and perfect for this month!!!!

Here is my play through, if anyone is interested!!!

This seemed pretty spooky at first, but then got down-right disturbing!!!! Such a great game!!! Did not realize there is more than one ending, so I only got the bad one. I'll revisit this soon to try for the other ending.

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested (2nd game - starts at 06:26)!!!

This was short and while there's not a lot of mechanics, it was fun (and a bit scary)!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested (third game-starts at 13:06)!!!

This game was so creepy and amazing, but also so short!!! And it left me with so many questions!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested (first game)!!!

Sorry if this is the wrong area, but wanted to mention I played this game, and it's scary!!! Even the beginning credits scared me, lol!!! And tricking me with the "Game Over" screen is genius!!! 
Haven't beaten it yet, but I will try it again soon!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!

This was a lot of fun, and the jump scare got me, lol!!!! But I do wish there was more than one ending (unless I totally missed something), since there are choices.

Here is my play through, if anyone is interested!!!

This was really cool, and the ending was a surprise!!! I do wish there was more to interact with than doors, but the ambience was amazing!!!!

Here is my play through, if anyone is interested!!!