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My personal experience:

This was a cool short spooky game. I like it!

Well this game was sure interesting. I played it with a friend, and i suppose we didnt realize that it was simply a demo. A constant footstep sound plays, the second time through there was no audio, and the movement is funky. However, I would be lying if I said I disliked this game. It's actually pretty fun. Me and my friend recorded it, if anyone seeing this would like to watch that.

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This game was actually pretty fun, although it was a bit lacking in the graphics area. My friend, who was assigned to figure out the cure, couldn't figure out how to heat or cool. If you want to see some genuinely funny horror, I made a video with a friend on the game.

ha loser

The sound effects, physics, and screen effects are all very funny and cool. Has replay value while still being fun.

It was a decent way to show the stages of grief, but there was not a lot of animation going on, especially during the depression stage. Overall, it was a sad game and I did enjoy it. I also recorded it, if anyone cares.

Very enjoyable game. My current record is 5000 or so. I really hope the full game turns out well. I had a lot of fun recording it, but didn't do to well.