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Hello again. I love the new devout! he's so cute however after you finish his first sex scene the game freezes and none of the options come up. it doesn't give an error tho 

I've done it I swear before this update you had to click the use button and then talk to the blacksmith I'm sorry for my dumbassery

I don't really know why but it doesn't seem to respond when I click salvage and that's all I know I'm sorry. it doesn't crash or seem to affect anything other than the leather

I feel like I should be listed as a beta tester lmao 

Ok, so I'm not getting an error message for it but it seems the leather has glitched and I can no longer finish the blacksmith's quest. 

.....I'm back I think I'm just good at breaking your game I hope this is helping and not being annoying

Hello! the game told me to report the bug so here i am

Like options for lust doll again sorry I'm bad at communicating

I'm so sorry I mean pussy as in different pussy looks. I just said it funny cuz I thought it'd be funny. 

Have you thought about making different puthy looks? like in the breast customizer I'm specifically thinking about Rinny btw. She's my favorite she's so cute and I love the way she gets in the frame with you. She's amazing.  I got off topic oops.  

Yeaaaa. i downloaded and played this just to see what you were talking about and yeah that was gross and transphobic. 

it's me again please help I'm missing page three and 18 I know 13 is the last one you get so I'm not worried about that one


Thank you so much for your help!! I got to Mag and got the sparkly sand but it doesn't show up in my curiosities . I'm also having trouble with the little plant man and the Mushroom I love this game and the view on the afterlife but I cannot stand to see the mushroom anymore >:(.  I really am enjoying the non-violent encounters. 

Hey, I really like this game but I'm stuck. I haven't been able to find Trudy or get the page from the rabbit or the red slime I think I'm missing some curiosities but I don't know from where. 

How do I allow the APK download I'm on Android and would really appreciate your help

Hey I'm on Android can you tell me where in settings?

I keep getting stuck literally i hate this puzzle ive been tryig to solve this motherfucker since the last update what the fuck. I read the guide about the switches and that didnt help at all i finished the carpet puzzle AND turned chest switch back, I think this is the worst puzzle in the game the rest are great and not that frustrating this one makes me want to throw something.. Please help me im going to cry

How do i unlock the items at the little shop of horrors? the shop is there but the NPC behind the counter is very cryptic. The NPC wants me to sample their goods but they arent selling anything??

NVM i did the thing

Im sorry but how in the nine hells do i find Pixie? Ive lost rinny to the mirror :( and no im lost

Luckily Nope! Siren has a thread to guide you in the folder of the game! The instructions are in the help files folder of the game. 

I cant find Kaede? Is he in the game yet or do i have to do the main quest to see him again?? I love it by the way!! :D

Please explain what you mean. Are you talking about rape or just something you dont like? It would really help if you responded

Thank you I got there!! :D

please tell me how you got into dorgonia I want there so bad

You have to go to Minerva after completing Evelynns quest. You can find Minerva's fountain in the hole in aunt Rose's yard.

I didnt get the goddess slice how do i get that i completed evalynns story line but didnt get it 

How do i get into the maze in general?? I dont know what to d

:O!! Heck yeah 

When do y'all think youll come out with windows version? Ive played the old versions and am excited to play this one

It wont load for me. Im on a windows if that explains anything but i really want to play the game