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Thanks for playing! You can always alt+enter it to get fullscreen. I'll check those games out.

It's a really hard question, I feel I have a different favorites for different times of the year, but I think I'll go for "To the moon" (For those who don't know it, its an Rpg / Interactive story) Just because it made me cry like a baby.
Damn, that game. The feels. Excuse me there's something in my eye.

I've just uploaded the 5 to 10 minute demo of a game I've been working on from around 3 - 4 months now.
Truth is, uni doesn't let me  the time to finish it right now, and I didn't want it just to die in my desktop.

Game's a die&try challenging platformer that pays homage to some old to recent games while keeping a NES style.

I would love to know your opinion about it!

Great game! It's really creative.