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In the preview some of the animals are posed, but i can't find a rig anywhere in blender, are they just unrigged?

just curious if you would consider including project files alongside wavs. Perfectly reasonable if you don't, just wondering.

Funky jams by the way!

As the title says can we use template project from other users, for example on the godot asset library there is a 2D platformer toolkit . Are we allowed to use this as our base and changing it our should we code everything from scratch. Or are some assets alright, but something this big isnt.


The game restarts for me between the runs, making streaming the game a hassle, is this a feature or a bug?

The background and letter pile were done in blender. Letter pile was more crunched up in godot using a shader, same with fonts.
Fun fact: the stamp is just a pixelated godot icon

I'll do my best to finish it!

Oh im looking forward to this! Still didnt "finish" Totem, but im very much looking forward to it

I love the name haha

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i just discovered this game yesterday and its sooo gooood. If you have the time it would be great to add settings and stuff, if not thats fine. I know you said you dont have any plans for this game, but i just love the atmosphere and the sense of scale of these creatures that id really like you to do something with this. It was really fun trying to translate the languages to english and then to croatian and trying to figure out what they were trying to say. I do wish you could be friends with them tho ;( #lovetheorb

Yeah im looking for a team, ive been thinking of learning construct 2, but i dont know if that will take longer than the game jam