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mr fluffywhiskers best cat!!!!! very cute and sweet game ^^

very wholesome yet mysterious! alan has very cute expressions but i can't help but side eye him a little (especially with the sus things that happen whenever the protagonist falls asleep and the alert we got on our phone!) there were a lot of cute moments and i also really love the side characters! excited to see more of alan's backstory/character with future updates!

this looks so cute !!! i wont be able to play this at the moment so i hope a mac version gets released in the future :D

main theme song is so gooooddddd

loved this!! a quick and silly game to play if u wanna have a laugh. would love to see more visual novels with this kind of concept ^^

very good so far! i hope the mc is freed from the clutches of james one day T__T i also wanted to mention how there were some typos here and there, and while i wasn't too bothered by it, i hope they get fixed/proofread by the time all routes are out!! and im not sure if its only on my end, but there isn't any music on the main menu and i think it'll be nice to add some bgm ^^ with that aside everything's good!! Li is a very pretty boy and he's drawn very well <3 can't wait for the other routes!

very good demo!! the hearts i got were green, blue and purple ^^ if i had no knowledge that this was a horror game, i would've thought of devyn as a little suspicious, but u can't help but want to help him out!! keep up the good work, and ill be looking forward to the full release!

really enjoyed this demo!! liev is a very sweet and pretty boy,, however there seems to be more than meets the eye as to why his ''true self'' is like that (he's definitely mentally unwell and the convo we have with him in the gardens may be a small hint/reason as to why he acts like this) the switch up caught me off guard especially with how cute the interactions between the protag and liev was beforehand! i really hope that in the full release we get to help him get the help he needs and have a wholesome happy ending where they've both overcome their struggles ^^ while i haven't played much games with the yandere trope i do love how realistic the approach to it is!! i understood the struggles of both the protag and liev,, and i loved the realistic reaction the protag had when he started acting different (i would react the exact same way!!) very excited to see the ''dark'' endings with him as well >< 

the music cutting off as well as liev's eyes turning dark was chilling!! the main menu screen and music changing after u finish the demo was a nice touch as well. overall a really good game with a lot of potential to be even greater. can't wait for the full release <33

need more heroines that take the initiative!!!! really cute, fun and simple visual novel ^^ all the characters are so adorable u cant help but love all of them <33


i also didn't expect a ''secret'' character!! i  really loved the ending with them.... 

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finished playing this game a year ago and now leaving a comment abt it!!

the first full length VN i played on itch,,,i dedicated myself to finish every single ending from every route bc i wanted to get every single achievement (it was worth it~) every route was unique in its own way but kurato's route was a personal favorite !! in terms of the most interesting it was definitely junoru's,,his route is where all the pieces really start coming together so it was really memorable. 

while i loved the main cast, i also loved the side characters!! my favs were kaichi and chain. without any spoilers, kaichi is a really interesting character once u know his backstory (and i enjoyed his interactions with the heroine!) chain is a bit of a mysterious character, and plays an important role in some routes, so i hope the extra route for him pushes through!! 

art is also gorgeous, everyone's character design was beautiful and unique <3

overall a really good game, and the bonus content u unlock once u finish everything was a nice little reward as well!! 

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really good prologue!! the art style is so cute and i already love all the love interests! the protagonist's internal dialogue is hilarious and i can't wait to see more in the full release <3