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If you're underage please don't play this game.

What do you mean? That's just an extra outfit/event for Jean. If you leave and return she won't be a slime any more.

Get everything else from the man.

Finish her quest in the festival commission.

PC, MAC and Android should all be fine :)

The next update will probably be the last one, until I release DLC at a much later time. 

It appears in the tree next to her next time you see her. :)

It sets things up for the game's finale.

The translators are working on it I believe!

I changed the name, try again!

There are male characters in the Kat Co Op prank. 

Hahah sorry man! Glad you enjoyed.

It's a false positive. Read other comments. 

Should still work, have you bought all of the super lewd outfits? All the festival loot? Are you playing v1.15?

Hello, in v1.15 you get it from The Man after buying everything else he has for sale!

v1.16 will be the final update and the game will be complete, with potential for some DLC later on.

I want to work on some other games on the meantime :)

Yes. Please be patient, and don't spam the same comment.

There's some unofficial translations around somewhere :)

Nope, just the magic of compression.


V1.15 this month, v1.16 final update. Potential for some DLC later on.

Give Lisa her Babydoll Outfit, then return to the library to see an event.

Then you can buy Jean and monas lingerie from Hooty shop.

May add her to the hot springs in future DLC.


v1.16 可能是最终版本。 v1.15 将于本月发布。我会制作更多游戏,稍后我可能会带着额外的内容回到这个游戏。


Not yet!

Thats a problem on your end i'm afraid! Try redownloading, make sure you're downloading the pc version. 

Read other comments.

Not yet available!


Nope, sorry.

Can't make an estimate yet I'm afraid, there's still a lot to do. 

Also v1.15 won't include the finale prank/game ending. It's going to be lots of outfits, side events, random events, voices + lewd SFX etc. Basically it will be getting the game to a place where I feel comfortable wrapping things up in the following update/two updates. :)

可莉的恶作剧大冒险汉化版已发布 v1.14

Spoke to you on discord but posting this for others sake.

It's a bug. If you restart the game she will agree to the co op. Also she may not appear in hot springs. Will be fixed next version.

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It's a false positive, I made the file you have downloaded. Feel free to check the exe + code. :)

Always use caution with everything you download though!

The official release android port of KPA is safe and does not have malware/viruses.

Android/Xiaomi has had an update where any non appstore app, which requires access to all files is flagged as a trojan. 

KPA requires access to files in order to create a savefile which pertains across versions, even if you uninstall the app.

Code is OPEN SOURCE and you can check it yourself.

Thank you, fixed! 

It's not possible yet, the finale will give you the last prank-o'-meter bar and play the ending. Probably in 2 updates time.