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Any chance of a Mac version?

That worked. Fantastic game.

MacOS Ventura tells me the disc image is damaged. Any chance of a reupload?

Is this title still developed?

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Got it. That was fun.

Thanks for sharing.

Is the voice over automated or did you get somebody to do it? It sounds really good. So, if you use some text-to-speech service, would you share which one?

Will there be a Mac version at some point

I like the story and the atmosphere so far. The MidJourney look works pretty well too. A lot of Sandman vibes to it. But, the dialog writing is not very good, pretty cringey at times even. That's of course a tough one to get right.


Any chance of a Mac version?

Well made, I like it.

Does not run on latest MacOS.

Does not run on latest MacOS.

So weird. But very cool.


Doesn't run on latest MacOS.

MacOS version?

Mac version does not open on Monterey.

Can't run the Mac version on current MacOS!

Yeah, it's the build-in one. I've removed the warning, trusting it's really just a false alarm.
I actually enjoyed the game. The puzzles were pretty well thought out and the ending was fun, although I kinda saw that coming :)

I could fix the resolution issue.  But now can't get it to work because it causes a virus/malware warning in Windows.

Totally unclear what to do. I'm in the shop having an ID card, 1 dollar, a soda and a pen. I think I've tried everything. It's  not clear how to use items, since there's zero feedback if you droop an item on something. Any hints here?

Does not run on the latest version of Mac OS.

I'm trying to run it under Windows with Parallels on a Mac. For some reason it gets scaled up so part of the screen is not visible and and the mouse is so jerky it's unusable. Editing the acsetup.cfg doesn't seem to have any effect. Never had that issue before.

Fantastic. Very intriguing concept and great artwork.

Trying to open under Windows 10 with Parallels gives an error.

I admit, it's a cute little game made with love. But – it's so short and easy and the concept is not outrageous enough to make up for it. Left me somewhat unsatisfied. Sorry to say, but not quite worth the money I paid for it.

If I'm trying to open the app I get the error: You do not have permission to open the application “”.
This is a known issue with Big Sur and I could fix it for other apps but not for this one. Any chance that you repack and republish the Mac version under Big Sur?