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I don't know if I will useful or good enough, but I can try to assist with art assets if needed.

You might have forgotten you can double-jump, because once you're on top, I would have struggled to even touch the floor.

You know, I think if you know the address, you should be able to look up the ground plan/blueprints of the building via the government... Don't quote me on that, though. No official inventory of how many Nukie VHS they own, though.

After watching the RLM video (and with the intent to play it myself later), I would love to see you attempt their offices and the casting viewing couches. My modelling skills are fairly basic, but let me know if I can lend a hand, should you. I feel there is a desperate lack of "behind-the-scenes"/"fictional" location games (like 3D open-world games of cartoons).

My guess is that you manually scaled the OBS layer instead of changing its values, meaning you just stretched a low resolution version.

I absolutely ADORE the style of this game! The designs are beautiful, the animation is amazing, and I can't wait to see more of this game! I would absolutely throw money at this, given the chance owo

I needed this, thank you.

I needed this after watching a Goodnight Meowmi LP. Still want to cry, though.