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Yes, there was a bit of a break of compatibility in the 8.1 versions, but that was fixed with the release of 8.2. It should now run as intended once more.

yes, renpy 8.2 solved the saving bug

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Navigating the choices in a menu can be done using the D-pad. 
The problem with using the stick to navigate menu choices is that it was too prone to accidentally selecting an option in the quick menu at the bottom of the screen. By splitting the movement and selection functionalities between different pads, that issue was averted.
If you want to restore the functionality for your game, you can comment out the keymap overrides in key_map_override.rpy. 

Hey Dantom. The project is currently only designed to work with Tiled. No compatibility with other map editing tools has been built in. 

In the current version (0.14.1), there's no support for touchscreen input for pink engine functionality.  It is a planned feature, but not yet implemented.

It's really nice to hear people are trying stuff with the engine. After the 0.7 series is done, I'll focus on making a couple of tutorials and maybe some ease-of-use improvements.