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As a long lover of sad clowns I really enjoyed this game! It was really funny, short and sweet with lovable music . 

Plus it was refreshing to see a collab like this between three very different art styles.

Always a huge fan Batensan ! love you xx


*cough* I’m sorry but let me get this straight. There are so many good things about this game. Personally I’ve only played Japanese otoge before and I am so done with them for so many reasons and I generally love playing indie games and really did not expect what was coming.

The art is beautiful. The BGs are done really well they’re neat and they fit the characters art style so well too which is something that even 7 Scarlet couldn’t get right.  

The BGM is simple but lovely and it fits the situation , dialogue and the mood perfectly. 

The gaming system and the UI fits the story and game’s purpose and it’s minimalistic and gorgeous.

I must say I was reallyyyy SHOOK when I saw the OP video like whaaa- that was so crazy and super cool too! 

But most importantly! The writing ! I can not begin to say how impressed I am with the writing.

 The characters have been written so well, Miyoko is such an understandable character she’s smart and funny and her reactions are so relatable and I’m so glad that we don’t have to deal with those « damsel in distress » bullshit .  

The whole plot carries on very smoothly there’s simply no error in the writing ; how is this possible. The pacing is right, every scene is interesting and adds something to the story. And everything is just so balanced.

I’m sorry I’ve never written a garbage so long but Pinlin you are surreal! I can not believe that you have made such an amazing game ! Congratulations really ! You’re truly inspiring and I’m just so grateful. 

-Your tiny super pineapple fan 

Stay safe <3