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All in all good animations, though I feel it could have improved by having audio feedback and maybe use the features of the characters a bit more? Well done though!

just put it in a .exe or webgl build, either of which is up to you

Whatever you believe is right! And yes sounds like a nice idea.

Either, doesnt really matter

Its up to you to decipher a interpretation. Most ideas are valid and creativity will make your game stand out.

This theme allows people to be milk or beans, but also lets people be extra creative.

It was picked by the hosts.

You can follow tutorials however can not use old scripts that are premade

You only need to submit it with one account

5 days

Thanks for the feedback - I am going to continue working on it and hopefully make it a multiplayer game as I could not get enemy ai to work.

What device is this designed for and which file do you run

Mine has just been published as a zip file - try it out - this is my first game jam i have actually completed and it is an fps.

I have built some game mechanics but since they haven't announced the theme I am going to use my own one