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I just met the surgeon and the game ended saying "Thanks for playing the demo" or something like that. I thought this was the completed version of chapter 1?

I did. I usually attacked willpower first, then strength or agility, then back to willpower again so it'd break. Next I'd go for taming, then pick continue trying to break another stat. Just make sure you dodge as much as possible during the enemy's attack phase and try to score at least 23+ points during the mouse spinning phase. It was extremely difficult and took numerous tries, but it is indeed possible.

ah hah! That makes a lot more sense, I'll try that out :)

Art for this game is great, but it definitely IS impossible. I've spent a couple hours now trying to beat the harpy and always lose when she's got about 10 or so health left. First thing I do is break her willpower in two rounds, then alternate between attacking and taming, which is the highest damage output. Doesn't matter though, because you can never deal more than 23 damage with the circle section, and the section where you have to click during the bouncing tear drop only allows one, MAYBE 2 clicks (which isn't even worth the risk since the penalty for misclicking is so high). I'd love to see the rest of the art, but the game is busted as-is.