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well that was something. made me pretty dizzy till i turned down my mouse sensitivity. also not sure if all the text was supposed to be that tiny? i loved the gold honeycomb room! that light and the surfaces?!? amazing. my eyes hurt a little, lol.

yay! moving it up the que...

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this was in a bundle i bought and i'm very interested in it but im worried about the line "might make your graphics card cry". my computer has an RTX 2060, 16GB ram, is that gonna be a problem? (i had noticed that on the steam page for this the requirement listed was RTX 3090, which is why i wanted to ask before i try to run it)

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tbh i really need a video demonstration of an example game

"reset the field of play"

does this mean to remove any face down cards from the forest row except ones that are sideways and re-deal? or remove all forest cards and re-deal? 

based on other comments i'm assuming you don't change the character row. 

also, at the beginning when you only have one character card (ace of diamond) and you find a card that beats/ties it (say the 3 of spades) what do you do? it says "flip over the top card in that suit" but at this point i don't have a spade card. is it just a death leading to "reset the field of play"? see above for why i am now stuck :P

oh awesome! thank you.

hi, is there a way to make the text of the collection title increase as well?

similar problem for me, i can barely read the collection titles even when i enlarge text. it doesn't seem to scale with item text.

this is great! love that it has a sleep timer.

i was wondering, would it be ok to use this as an away screen for twitch streams? maybe with a link to your page? if not i understand. i was just thinking it would be a cool thing to put on when i need to step away for a couple minutes.

oh, thats cool, i was afraid i was missing a bunch more stuff. i did really like the dialogue that i saw (hilarious!) and the art style was great. just got frustrated with how quickly that sword changed colors. 

thanks. i kind of tried that tactic, but i guess i just suck. anyways, i gave up

i can't get past bongus, i am too slow to switch colors and paint before the sword changes colors while also dodging. is there a trick i'm missing?