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Thank you!! Glad to know that you like it!

Thank you!! I will try make things more quick! :)

Is the mega pack exclusive.

Yes! please contact me on my email: or twitter @PimenArt

It's not :) the opacity is at 120

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Tied to a game project yes! :)


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Thanks!! :)

I would like to make more job character but right now I don't have any plans to making it I'm sorry :/

It is accurate, the mega pack only covers the paid animations! Sorry for the confusion!


Thank you :)  Yes! I hope I can make a buff and debuff animations soon! Right now the next pack I will release is a hit spark effects. 

Thank you!!

Woww! I love it!! 

Hello! For now I don't have any plans on making smears for other directions I'm sorry.


Wow that's so nice!! I really appreciate that you liked the character :)

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Thank you very much! That's awesome :)

Thanks!! :)

Yes you can use it in your project and sell it. You can't resell only the assets.

Yes you can use it in your project and sell it. You can't resell only the assets.

Thank you!! :)

I'm sorry but the dummy character is not available. But if you want a commissioned dummy you can contact me on twitter, Pimenart or send email for

Source file is .aseprite a can make available the source file, but only with flattened layers.

Thank you!! Yes I do,  you can send a message to or on twitter @PimenArt.

Hello! The wood effects 01 and 02 is free, and 03 to 12 is $4.99! 

Thank you very much! The next spells are wood type! Iron/Gold are spells types that I have in the back of my head but still they're a little far away. It is a lot of ideas thank you for sharing them! :)

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Thanks! :)

Happy to know that was just as you needed! Really interesting to know that, I will keep this in mind, thank you! :)

Thank you very much! :))

Thank you very much!

Your welcome!! :)

Nice!! I'm happy to know that :)

 You're welcome! :)

Yes, you can make any modification and use it in your game!

Thank you!! :)

For now I don't have any plans of making characters, I'm sorry, but maybe in the future.

Thanks!! :

Yes! Here it is:

Thank you very much !! :)

I always think about auras and VFX to attach to characters but most of the time I fall into a feelling that I could only achieve a good aura if was done with a character model, and as I do things for different type and sizes of characters there is a lot of space to go wrong. But I will try to put more thoughts in that!

Thank you very much!!