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Nice!! I'm happy that turn out well!

Thank you, I'm happy that you see this way. :)

Hello! Thank you, There is a bundle right now that you can get all of them at once.

I see, thank you for the explanation! I will make that update in the future. And I will keep in mind for future packs!

Thanks, really appreciated!

At the moment I'm not sure if I can do it, but I want to understand for future packs. You're saying like a gif inside the pack? Sorry I'm not quite sure how could this help, if you can explain to me more about it.

Thank you!!


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Olá! Obrigado pela mensagem acho muito massa saber que tu ta gostando do que estou produzindo aqui.  Eu não tenho Patreon, eu nunca pensei em criar um. Eu teria que pesquisar como fazer um e como seria viável para mim maneja-lo. Por enquanto não posso prometer um mas terei a ideia em mente. Agradeço muito sua sugestão e opinião é importante para mim saber dessas coisas e o que meu público quer para o futuro.

Thank you! Sure I can take a look!

Hey Thanks! Right now I don't have plans for more ice VFX but if you want a commission work you can send me a message to my email!

Interesting! Really cool!

Thank you very much! Played your game, it's inspired by diablo 2?   Really cool!

Cool! Thank you, I will definitely check it out! :)

Hey didn't know about that, thanks for letting me know!

You mean Ko = Knockout? That's interesting input.

Nice!! I'm happy that is working properly! Thanks!

Hello! Just made the update! also made source file available!

Hello, I will export as soon as I can!

Hello, as I know Rpg maker have very specific canvas size which the spritesheet has to be on. Right now I can import the complete animation in a spritesheet but I think you still have to put it on the specific size.

Hello, thank you! Sorry I'm a bit confuse, you're asking if I can export the sprites in a single file spritesheet?

Thank you! Happy to know that my effects are helping you in you're project! Also thanks for the suggestion!

Hello, Thanks! I didn't know .rar was more difficult to unpack. I will consider make the next packs with .zip.

Hello! Here is a bundle for the spell VFX:

Indeed I had lot of fun with the buffs animations and I've been working hard to make better animations. Thank you for noticing.

Wow such a cool game! Could not beat the final boss hahaha

Yes! I'm opening commissions on 15/1! You can send a message to with details.


Hello, Can you tell me what happened? What do you mean you can open it?

Hello! Below the 1 file there is a another file with the rest that you should be able to download.

There is an article here: For products that you already bought on itch and how to access them.

If you are still having trouble let me know so I can send you the files via email.

Hello! The other 10 FX is 2.50 USD right now, below where you got the first hit effect!

Thank you!! Glad that you like it!! 

Hello, I have plans to make looping fires but not for this pack

Thanks!! :)

Thanks!! :)

Thank you! :)

Hello, I saw the page on steam and here on itchio it's looking good! Love it! :)

Thank you very much!

Ok, so the other elements doesn't have a animation like the #9 of the wood effect, but maybe these 2 other packs can help you:

Hello! Correct me if I'm wrong, you're asking if the other elements in this pack has a similar animation of the #9 of wood effect?

Warms my heart to know that my assets helped you finish your game! Thank you! :)