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Piltdown Man

A member registered Nov 11, 2019

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Heck yeah!  So excited to see the final version.    At least, until Netflix options this story for an original film...

I enjoyed the demo!  The art, animation, and humor are quite nice.  I do notice that there are some typos, misspellings, and oddly worded phrases!  I recommend getting some proofreaders or doing a closed beta in the future for help with catching those things, because it will improve the game even more!

I'm noticing different commands behave differently in different rooms.  "Get water" has a very long explanation in the hidden chamber, a "you can't get that" by the pond, and in the room with the tanks the game doesn't seem to register that there's water there at all.

As a result, I am a little stuck!  I am at 23/32, I have the cover ("lid" would be a good synonym to add, especially because cover is a verb as well as a noun and I am not sure if that is fooling the parser) and the radioactive fish.  I understand that I need to wash the fish, but:

1) I have tried a large number of commands to use the empty sink.  I have tried looking for taps, use sink, fill sink, run water.  I even tried using the cover as a substitute dish thinking that this might trick the sink into thinking it was dishwashing time, so that it would fill up.  The parser did not recognize a lot of these commands, but I gather that the sink isn't working.

2) Since I can't wash the fish directly in the pond, I want to take some pond water elsewhere.  My idea is to get some of the water, but all I have is the cover.  I want to scoop the pond water out with the cover, kind of petri-dish style, to move the algae to another body of water, like the fish tank or the gemstone pool.

A way to inject hints might be to implement an "ask about" function with Audrey.  I have no clue what to do with this cover, to be honest.  Also, "call audrey" might be a good synonym for "use computer".

I enjoyed the demo!  I am looking forward to seeing more of this game as it develops.

Really happy to finally be able to play this!  I am very excited for the full release and will absolutely be backing the game.  The art is lovely and the care and attention to all of the custom responses is extremely fun to explore.  I definitely found a few unexpected Easter eggs as well. 

What kind of of wacko young girl keeps a venus flytrap and a pirhanna as a pet?  And with that messed up family situation?  It's no wonder she's having trouble sleeping!

I really took my time exploring and trying lots of stuff,  but I found the difficulty pretty breezy overall and would have been able to complete most of the required puzzles in about twenty minutes or so if I wasn't taking my time.

I did get massively stuck on one puzzle: warming the milk.  I eventually worked it out, but I feel like there were several equally viable options that kind of red-herringed me away from the intended solution.  First, there were the matches and candle that Lucy decided she did not want to pick up - that would be an elegant solution.  Also, I was convinced the lightbulb in the hall would be able to do the job.  Finally, I know how hot old laptops get, so I wanted to sit the glass on the computer and turn it on.  This puzzle might do with a bit of tweaking or signposting in the full release.

Also, small bug (literally), a hotspot for the fly seems to remain in Lucy's bedroom even after the little pest has been relocated.

Congrats on the release of the demo and wishing your kickstarter campaign the best!

What a great entry!  I'm really impressed with the quality of the art, especially with such a short time window.  Some fun puzzles, too!  Thank you so much for doing the jam (and, looking at this art, there must have been some sacrificed sleep!)

If Checkhov and Pratchett had a baby and you locked that baby in a hidden cellar for two weeks and forced it to write an adventure game, you might get something like this.

Actually, someone go check @sqhistorian's basement for suspicious quantities of diapers and onesies.

The game is this good and was also uploaded more than a full day before the deadline?!  Heck, if @hardwidge had used the full two weeks, this game might give some AAA titles a run for their money!  A Lucid Adventure was already high on my wishlist, but considering the quality of this jam entry, it just makes me all the more eager to try it out!

It's nice to see Crazy Kraken putting out another jam game; this is the studio behind Subterraneuswhich is a favorite of mine.  This entry is a bit more puzzle than adventure, but nonetheless it is an enjoyable entry worth checking out.  Thanks so much for participating in the jam.

Jacob is a force of nature; this is a commercial quality game just condensed into a tiny bite-size form.  Stellar vocal performances.  Lots of great jokes.  Many thanks to Dave and Jacob and all the other folks involved with this game for making it and putting it out there.

Charlotte makes magical games.  I am so happy that this game exists, and that I am able to play it.  

Thank you for making it and thanks to the amazing cast for being a part of it.  It made me smile until my face muscles got sore.

I love it, cannot wait for the full game

Really looking forward to the full game!