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Nicky P.

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Indeed! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes when I get to use it the first time. :)

This is so good! I love it and I’ll be using it in my Dungeon World campaign after every story arc. But also, I think I’ll also use it as incentive to get my players to take risks. This is what I had in mind:

Since my friends and I play over video chat, it’ll be a bit difficult to keep everyone’s entry hidden before the random draw. Instead I’ll have the players type it down in a chat but not send it yet. 

Count the number of full successes (rolling a 10+) each player had during the story arc. Each of those count towards an entry in the lottery. Put that many copies of that PC or player’s name into a hat. This means the more full successes a player had, the better their chance of getting their entry chosen. Boom. Incentive to take more risks.

Thank you for coming up with this great idea! The whole idea that “this is the story that gets spread far and wide” creates such a concrete shift in the world around the characters. I can see how this can help the GM (me. lol.) when playing how the world and it’s citizens react to the party after the conclusion of a big quest or full story arc. Great stuff!

As someone who loves so hard but is really bad at replying to messages, I thank you wholeheartedly for this game. Pandemia continues to ravage my country and we still can't hang out IRL. This should help a lot with the distance. I plan to use it like cute little training wheels until I get better at showing my loved ones how much they mean to me myself.