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It was amazing! The graphic style and the story definitely reminded me of the good ol' slasher movies (nightmare of elm street of course). On top of that, the angles and body animation you used to shoot the cinematic were hilarious! The various places I had to explore were great, and the descent into madness with the flashback were just perfect! That was a great experience! I look forward to see what you guys make in the future!

A very cool game, though I only have scratched the surface, As I pleasantly discovered that there are several endings to it! It was a really fun experience, and I look forward to see where you'll go with this promising game! Also, French man here as well! Bonjour, et bravo pour le jeu!

That was a really cool trailer! Using the alien block of light is an interesting idea, forcing the player to go at the pace you want him to, and thus allowing for some great scares! I look forward to see where you decide go with this game!

I've put my reaction to this game down below (starts at around 17:59) if you want to check it out! 

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A really funny and scary horror game! Though I had more fun than I expected, I still really liked the trouble and sudden jumpscares that the baby put me through. The timing between events was perfect, allowing enough time to breeze, before another emergency made itself known. Couldn't help but imagine that was what the sitter went through in the Incredibles!I've put my video here if you want to check out how it looked. (the game starts at 9:00)

A really cool short horror game! The animation was amazingly creepy (sliding-teleporting nun ftw), the grainy filter and the pixelated style were perfectly mixed to give this game a found-footage horror style that worked wonders! Great game! 

I've put my first time playing down below, If you want to check it out. It's the first game in the list! 

Hey, no problem! I loved that part, it was a whole new mechanic you created for the monster and (when I finally understood it) I loved it!

I absolutely loved it! The graphics were really good, with the "buggy" triangular polygons reminding perfectly of the Ps1 era and the sound design really added to the ambiance! I like the fact that in the end, just like the Silent hills game, you can see that all of this could either be real or be a complete invention by the man's deteriorating sanity! Amazingly well done!

That was amazing! Out of all the games trying to capture the feeling of the creepypasta, Yours definitely takes the cake! The assets look great, the shading and ambient fog lower the visibility so much that you have to rely on your hearing, creating that terrifying feeling when you hear the siren sounds moving around you. And of course, the audio samples are just amazing! The ending also broadens the Siren head lore as a whole, so that's a Bonus point! 21/20! It was a pleasure to play this game, and I look forward to what you make! In the mean time, I've made a video of my experience with this game, if you want to check it out!

That was awesome! The fast-paced music and the quick retry system really reminded me of clustertruck. The addition of fighting was done in a really smooth fashion, as you can entirely avoid fighting most of the time, or choose to do so for some cool action! I spent a delightful moment playing it, thank you! If you want to check out how it went, I've put the video down below!

I really liked the concept of the game! The haunting that happens through an object like a poltergeist really works to create an uncomfortable atmosphere! Nice work guys! If you want, you can check the video below (the game starts around 10:55)  

Another great short horror game! I really liked the mechanic of this one, as you are rooted in place and forced to hear the horrible sound that are coming always closer as you scramble to complete the puzzle! Amazing job! If you want to check my reaction to it, you can check the video below starting at 6:58!

Good job sir, you've made a fool out of me! I never read comments before diving into a game...And I'm glad I didn't! It was short but fun! I included this game in my latest horror compilation below. Thanks again for that out of season april fool's joke!

It took some time, but I've finally managed to upload the second part! Here you go ! Thanks again for making such a cool experience!

No problem! I'm glad you created the game in the first place! I look forward to see what you guys do in the future! :D

What a cool game! The animation i really well-done, and the style of the character really reminds me of the ghouls and ghosts games of old. The the controls are super responsive, and it was a blast to be able to explore up to the fifth floor and fight the onslaught of monsters! Great game, congratulations guys! 

Oh yeah, I've already finished the demo, I just didn't have the time to upload the second part yet. I will definitely stay tuned! Good luck :)

What an amazing experience! The music is probably the strongest point of the game, and hits you immediately as you start the game! The beautiful animations and design of the characters complement the puzzle solving perfectly! It made for a great moment. I look forward to see what becomes of this demo in the future! 

(Game starts at 9:30) Amazing experience! The controls were a bit hard to get at first, but really reminded me of the early ps1 game controls, which only added to the immersion! The lights going out really put enormous stress on the player, and I loved it! On the first try, you think you can freely explore the halls until that dramatic power outage. And then come the steps...The sound, graphic design, everything is here to make a perfect short horror game! Great job!

(Game starts at 7:00) Since I heard the game was short, I came in ready for some minimalist horror game, and would still have been satisfied. Yet you have managed to create a perfect finished game, in which the player has to wait for the monster to come in. The feeling of entrapment is exacerbated by the fact that the creatures knows of your situation and toys with you. A terrifying experience. Congratulations! 

An amazing horror game! I've always had a particular liking to pixelated games. The terrifying mechanic which forces you to re-explore the same rooms to discover some details in it have changed reminded me of Silent hill 4. I also like the duality of the ending: are those drug-induced hallucinations, or actual things happening? 
All in all, a great experience! Congrats!

I have never been so impressed by a horror game before! The quality of the assets, the story narrated by a grizzled old sailor, and the lore of the HP Lovecraft books! Even more so when I heard you had a hard time due to the Covid-19 crisis! An amazing job guys! I can't wait to see how that project continues in the future!

This was amazing! The slight pixelated art style, the great contrast between the shadows and the candles and the timing of the scares made this adventure all the more terrifying! Again, I'm glad you guys used the "show don't tell" style of storytelling! It was a pleasure to play this game! Congrats guys!

You can be sure of that!

Hey SurrealFx! Kudos for the game, even though it's been out for a while. The contrast between the mannequins here to convey the story and the actual enemies was small but enough to create a constant sense of dread! Also liked the "joker-like" note from -A.

Hello HumanRobot, and thank you for this amazing game! Between the ambiance, the shading and the fear-inducing design of the mining station, everything was perfectly in tune for a scary experience! I loved it! Congrats guys!

Hey there! I've already played the first game of this series, and I'm glad to say that while changing the scope of the game ( the map is bigger, there are more characters etc.) you still managed to keep that mixture of fun and scary that made me love the first game! Kudos to you sir! 

Here's the video if you want to check it out! :D

Hey, I was about to leave a comment on the game, fancy seeing you there ! :) Thank you for the shout out!

A really cool experience! The various rooms (notably the one with the moving red cubes) added to the alien nature of the house, and the eye creatures were super eerie! Well done! 

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Hey there! Amazing game! It was the first time I had as much fun while being absolutely terrified! Beware the evil mascots! The game begins in the second part of the video!

Hey man, Love the game! It's nice to see such a rich folklore to be brought back in the limelight, even more so in the form of a scary game! :D

The voice acting was really good, and the graphics and the timing of the scares were top notch! Congrats man :)

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Hey thomas! I've finished playing your game, and to be honest, I really liked it! The animation on the monster was great, the map was dark and vast enough that I'd get turned around easily, adding to the fear factor tremendously!I really liked that you added the sprint feature for the monster, forcing the player to stay out of sight or die! All in all, a great scary game! 

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What a terrifying game! It was nice to run away and try to figure out the hiding places. The sound design was amazing (including the easter egg at 31:05) and even though I defeated Sirenhead at the end by forcing him to carry me, the experience was amazing!