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Sorry I didn't log in for a little bit. But I suppose an example would be like Octopath Traveler. Top-down tilesheets, are already at an angle so they don't quite work when they are billboarded.

I'll have to look and see if I can find better examples..

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Are you able to make 2D sprites for prototyping a 2.5D/3D perspective? Love the font you uploaded :)

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Thanks for removing the desaturation filters from the other tilesets. Will this also get the gray filter removed too (along with the inked items?) I am finally swapping out my tilesets to use your updated sets in my Godot project. Much appreciated!

Does this pack have the enemy sprites in the gifs?

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Love the textures, do you have plans to do any maybe medieval/modern/dungeon/cave/etc themed? And any plans for more vertical options for tiles as well?

Will you be making anything new? I love your art

So happy to see some new stuff from you!

Any chance that you might do non-mini characters in the future?

omg yesss, I was wondering what you've been up to

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Is there any chance for a standalone download? The Itch.Io UI overlaps the top right quadrant of the entire generator unless I set my browser zoom to 75%.

Or a paid tool to let us manually make dungeons using the elements in the generator?

That's a good analogy, thank you!

When it seems Spritemancer has everything this has and more?

Can these be used outside of RPG Maker? Or are we restricted to using it only within RPG Maker?

Thank you very much!

Thank you for doing this! Are you able to do this for your other sets? I bought all of your assets.

Any plans for makin Pixbattlers that are 4 directions? I like these, although for a top-down game it doesn't work as cleanly for my use-case. 

Love the style though!

Love your art as always, I bought all of your packs. I'm wondering, will you make any character packs, that are a little taller? Like 32x16? Hope you are doing well.

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Hey there, it's been 3 years since I've originally  requested this feature, I see that several other things have been done by you since. What is the status on the gray overlay being removed as an option.

Thank you for your understanding (as I figured 3 years is a good amount of time to patiently wait without seeming like a nag).

Can this be used in Unity, or is it restricted specifically to RPG Maker?

I'm assuming that the edited versions with the gray overlay being removed that you mentioned isn't on the horizon? (1 year check-in)

Wow you just pump these out so quickly. Love your stuff as always!!

love the character art, where did you get the asset for the girls? did you make it or buy it? if you bought it, could you link it to me?

Love your art, and I'm so happy to see more from you

Thank you! I haven't made any games in a while, but I love the idea of supporting/buying these assets to help artists and creators :) with the eventuality knowing that one day I'll use them haha

I love your art style, would you consider making item/spell/equipment icons and a UI set?

Avoid this asset pack at any cost. The "dev" is long gone

Wow, that visual example really hit the nail for explanation. Don't worry :) if you get around to it (super super low priority), just let me know and I'll buy it. I hope you can focus on the projects you want first!

Damn thanks for trying :)
I'm curious how much different is a 2D vs 3D tileset that has a 2D feel like your eggFPS and the bomber game you have?

My forays have been only been in 2D, but at some point I wanted to do a 3D crawler with flat 2D textures

Will you be making more tilesets? I love this art style :)

Any chance the tileset will be available to buy? Love the style

Wow that's awesome. Thanks for the artist reference too :)

Looking forward to developments with your game

Love the visuals! What did you make this in? And is it procedurally generated? Or hand placed?

Thank you ♥
I've purchased the bundle and look forward to see what else you shall make!

Thank you! I sent the paypal email above and purchased the bundle. I look forward to supporting your next collaboration

Any chance on expanding the tileset? More biomes, seasons, etc?

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I want to purchase this RPG Ultimate asset BUNDLE, but I already own the RPG Exterior pack, is it possible to have a refund on that before I purchase this?

Is there any chance the characters will get a basic attack animation?

Thank you!