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Oh no Goldie T_T

Ohlala c'est trop trop bien !

L'écriture est top, la musique bien choisie, j'adore l'anim d'apparition du texte, les caricatures sont super réussies,  chapeau bas !


Ouuuuh, très chouette :)

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Great idea !
I wish they were a change in the mood as we find the letters, but I had a nice time playing it :)

(also, I wanted to pay 1$ for it, but paypal returned me a 422 error 🤔)

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We use it again for our ld 52 entry (, thank you again !

Played the jam version, then this one: okay, the pointer for roots is great  ^^
(and camera speed too !)

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Phew ! I did it ! I found all of them, it was quite hard and now I have the music stuck in my head, but great game !

Remember me of a mini-game in New Super Mario on DS, maybe you played it at the time ?

Anyway, thank you, maybe a peek of the number of emojis remaining could help to stay motivated, I wasn't sure the game was infinite or not ^^

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We used Traverse the Unknown for our Ludum 51 entry, it was really useful to create a sense of adventure, thank you !

Thank you so much for the font ! We used it for our Ludum 51 entry, it really helped us to create a retro style.

Short and melancholic, nice work :)

Obsessed with the music, incredible work ! Can't wait for the full game !

Simple and really fun, thank for this game :)

Très chouette, l'ambiance est trop bien, on est vite immergé !
Parfois un peu de mal à savoir à savoir quoi faire, mais j'imagine que ça fait partie du côté exploratoire :)

Trop bien !

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Submitted !
Only one level, but it's playable ^^

I had a great time working on it, thank you for this jam idea :)

I'm late on my planning, but here I am !
Used assets from this pack :

Hope I can find the time to continue tomorrow !

Yes, thank you for the reminder :)
Working on an overworld, because there is "horror" also in the jam title x)
I hope I can show  something soon !

And here there are fossiles and temporary sprites !

(also haxe is on left cllick and hammer on right click now)
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Now there is two layers, two tools (axe = one tile, hammer = cross shape), and screenshakes !

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We will see how it end up, but to start this jam I wanted to try the challenge of recreating this minigame in the undergound I really liked when I was a child :)

Nothing fancy for now, just a first post o/

Thank you <3