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Ahh I still need to play this! It’s been like 3 months but I’m so busy 

Holy- as a woman I must say… girl must have major back pain lmao 

I’ll play this later!! You released on my bedtime sadly. Can’t wait to try. Your games are always amazing. 

Yesss, I can never get enough of this series lol. I look forward to playing it!!! Probably won't have time this week but I will comment again when I do. :3

This was a lot more fun than the first one! It took me 3 attempts to beat the boss, though lmaooo

I only did ending 3 because I was not gonna fight him again for the other 2 endings.  :(

Cool game! I will be playing part 2 next week :3 

(You got your 5 stars from me hahaha)

I'm glad you weren't offended ♥ 

Yea, that's fair about the emotion part ^^

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I enjoyed this game! It was really fun and well made. :3

Okay so I got LOST for a while but I am probably just bad lmaooo, I could not find my way around. It took me like 15 minutes! But either way, nice effort on the game. 

I tried to download this but it wouldn't let me :'(

I liked it! Not sure if there was more after the point in my video but either way it was fun :3

This was a perfect ending for a final game of the series for sure. 

Oh, no! I hope you find your future passions. I really like your games (not just the Alesa series!) but burnout is definitely understandable.  I wish you the best! I will still have notifications on in case you create new games in the future, though ~

Aww yea, that is fair and true. If you put no voice acting as an option, then people might not see their hard work. I  understand that they are new and doing it for fun, too. Thank you for taking my feedback well, but I hope if the VAs see, they will not be offended <3 I am glad they got to voice act and get some experience! 

As for the puzzles, yea true, that was more of a personal opinion but I still found the puzzles fun. 

And of course! You never have to remove something if you don't want to remove it, if you like the victory dance that's fine!  I am glad you do. You and everyone did a great job on this game overall, though!

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I just finished it :) I think I got all the endings as well.

Anyway, it was a great game, I loved the story as usual. I liked the true ending because it's flexible, too. 

I do have some feedback though. I liked the other two games more, this one was a bit annoying for a few reasons.

1. The voice acting was ...  not great(mostly the female characters; the guys did great!) and I am trying to say this in the nicest way but I don't know how to without lying. They were not horrible, don't get me wrong!! It took a little bit to get used to, though, since I like to read them myself. The voices in general were a little bit off putting though, plus the acting skills, as some of them sounded like they were just reading off paper and got the emotions wrong. Plus I didn't expect Alesa to sound like a child lol. Is there a way to turn those off? I prefer just reading it myself. I left them on, though. (No offense if any of the voice actors are reading this, I really don't mean to  hurt anyone).

2. The puzzles and stuff were more fun, longer and confusing in the 2nd game which I liked. This one felt a lot easier!

3. The cake dance at the end of each fight... was a bit extra. And it's not able to be skipped so it's a bit annoying.

I think those are  my only 3 complaints. Wouldn't mind the voices if  I could turn them off (if I am able to, it's not very clear in the settings).

Anyway, keep up the good work!!! If you make a 4th game I will definitely play <3 Again, sorry if I offended anyone!!!

Edit: Adding more things I liked!

-The music and ambience was great

-The dog and cat companions were adorable (I used both)

-All the ending were so funny/great

-I think you had some characters from other games of yours (besides this trilogy)??? I wasn't 100 percent sure because I didn't finish a lot of them yet. 

-"Your ass is hairy too?"

-The story (as mentioned above) 

Thought I was dreaming when I was checking my email last  night as I was going to bed and saw you've posted a House for Alesa 3. Totally forgot, checked this morning, and it's real!!! I can't wait to play.

She's so cute! And, I assume this means that offering her hearing is the canon ending (with Greta)?

I loved this game so much as well as the first one!!! I honestly hope you continue this series. I will definitely be playing it. 

By the way, I was so expecting Greta to turn out evil somehow (she was in the first game, but that's not my reason). Whenever Mr. Bob said that Greta was the one who killed Alesa's friend, and she was like "you were the one controlling her," I expected a twist, or even to find a hidden document talking about how she was evil. Unless I missed something. But either way, I loved the ending(s). <3

Also!! I do wonder, how do you pronounce Alesa? ah-less-ah or ah-lee-sah? Or something else??

I would honestly prefer the twins to remain evil personally. I liked that detail. <3 But you do what you want!

Aww I loved this 

Thanks you!! ♥

This was adorable! I got a knew GF now heehe 

This game was adorable. I loved it so much. It was super cute, emotional, and extremely relatable. I saw myself in that froggy O-O

Spoiler: and when he said he was me at first, although he wasn't, i'm like omg how did you knowww

This game was so adorable and wholesome! ♥ I wanna meet her again :'(

This game is so cute and wholesome :3

Cute game!!

This is so cute!!! I can't wait for the full release- I wonder what else can be done with this game. It's super relaxing. 

Hii! I loved this game so much! It took me about 15 minutes to finish it before it started repeating. The emails are adorable and hilarious. The dog pics for the lewds sent me hahaha.

I recorded myself playing, but unfortunately OBS froze 5 minutes in without me noticing :( Agh! Wish people could see my full reaction.

This was super cute! 

It was super cute! Took me almost an hour since I was reading it out loud and reacting for a YouTube video! ♥

please release it for iphone!