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Aww I loved this 

Thanks you!! ♥

This was adorable! I got a knew GF now heehe 

This game was adorable. I loved it so much. It was super cute, emotional, and extremely relatable. I saw myself in that froggy O-O

Spoiler: and when he said he was me at first, although he wasn't, i'm like omg how did you knowww

This game was so adorable and wholesome! ♥ I wanna meet her again :'(

This game is so cute and wholesome :3

Cute game!!

This is so cute!!! I can't wait for the full release- I wonder what else can be done with this game. It's super relaxing. 

Hii! I loved this game so much! It took me about 15 minutes to finish it before it started repeating. The emails are adorable and hilarious. The dog pics for the lewds sent me hahaha.

I recorded myself playing, but unfortunately OBS froze 5 minutes in without me noticing :( Agh! Wish people could see my full reaction.

This was super cute! 

It was super cute! Took me almost an hour since I was reading it out loud and reacting for a YouTube video! ♥

I dunno, it still doesn't work. The eye and skin colors work though.

The hair color won't change for me

please release it for iphone!