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eh i kinda did it in purpouse, and i think that mechanic would be a little lame , its also very hard to get trapped or block the way accidentally so it sounds a little unneccessary

oh no i softlocked myself on accident

thank you, i dont know how i didnt figured that before anyways really good game, gets boring after playing for some time but will definitively play it again

i open the game, wait for it to load and this appears, cannot click anything

ohhh thanks i tried just scrolling the wheel instead of pressing it

wait, thats illegal

i would if i had the money, sorry but good luck! great game really liked it, and would really like a full game

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im playing in mac and i cannot charm enemies or i dont know how to help

not to offend but who the hell is that guy

me too

the ending suddenly gets scary

why didnt i expected that?


good game just needs more levels



creepy ducks started going after me instead of the food after a while

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if you want to avenge rocky,then go to the right side of he house and cross the door that was locked before then,you´ll find a proton pack to kill the ghost

did you checked upstairs? you also have to shoot rocky´s remains

i typed dark souls when they asked me wich was my favorite game

it also works with jackseptieye