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They certainly are, thanks for asking! We definitely encourage a short video presentation, photos of the game being played, or documentation to allow others to replicate and play the game for physical submissions on itch, but that's not required. Definitely want to see games in all forms though :D

Use tutorials as much as you'd like! If you're looking for a team, I'd recommend messaging others posting in here, or joining the PIGSquad Discord at and seeing who wants to form teams in the #gamejam channel!

Yes, you're encouraged to do so!

Yes, as long as you aren't infringing!

The theme has been revealed! It's "This Isn't Even My Final Form"

Post up on the #gamejam channel of and that's a great way to start working with people!

Post about your work and reach out to others in the PIGSquad Discord at! Still not too late to start the jam, plenty of time left :)

hi >:)

Awesome! If you want to post a little about your stuff and restate this request in the #gamejam channel of our Discord at, that should help!

Yes, you're welcome to use premade assets, but note that any copyrighted audio will not allow us to share jam games on the showcase stream as we'd likely get flagged by Twitch.

The theme is "A Harmful Resource!"

You are welcome to create a PDF, Google Drawing, or other downloadable asset as your game submission! We would encourage submitting rules in this case as well. Here are some great examples of other PIGSquad jam submissions that have done this in the past, including some cut-out pieces, multi-page TTRPG rulebooks, illustrations, and more!

Announced at 8pm PT on

Tabletop games are also welcome!

We will be revealing the theme during our opening stream on November 10th.

You can also join the PIGSquad Discord at and post in the #gamejam channel for some added visibility!

Definitely not an issue :)
Someone submitted a really cool RPG Maker game for our last jam, in fact!

No problem, I see your email and can get that sorted. Thanks!

Hi there! Let us know if you had officially joined the jam / registered when the jam was live last year. If not, I can see that you have not updated the project since the jam timeline and you can contact us via about getting it added to the jam. Thanks for reaching out!

All game engines are welcome, including non-video games (like board or card games)!

I've shared this in our Discord channel! If you want to join, ask around there, and keep tabs on what jammers are talking about, feel free to join at! _Will

You're welcome to use pre existing assets.

We don't have a Discord - we're currently using Slack at

I'll post about this in the PIGSquad Slack - cool idea!

Hi there! We are unable to help showcase games in person without advanced notice. We still have Instagram Stories up from last night if you'd like to check them out!

Hi Cooper! You can join our online community channels at Slack is most active.

1) "Threes" is part of the theme - it's our "Technical Theme," which is released early to help you get in the mindset of what you might be making, what tools you might be using, what interesting limitations you can put on yourself, etc. We will be revealing the "Creative Theme" at the jam's kickoff in person and online, which is to be decided! People who are donating to PIGSquad are voting on that one right now via Who knows what it will be? ;)

2)  You do not need to be from Portland to participate. We welcome submissions from all over, but also very much encourage those participating to follow along by seeing what people are working on via our Twitter and by chatting with other jammers via our Slack! You can find those channels here:

You're welcome to interpret black and white as colors or not include them in your color count! We won't crack down on what "qualifies" for the Technical Theme; the goal is to try new things, work with new people, and finish something, so if working with a limited palette grows into something completely different, we welcome that :)

You're welcome to interpret that as you please! Including lighter/darker shades of a limited 3 colors would be cool, as would limiting yourself to a stricter palette.

Yes! If you're inspired and can make something cool, run with it :)

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